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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spring 2001 - D'Sim

Spring 2001 - Simdays 107-109 
Shawn  D'Sim (43), Jane D'Sim (28)

Jane D'Sim awoke in the night with a powerful craving for a grilled cheese and pickle sandwich.  When she noticed her husband's side of the bed was empty, she wasn't terribly surprised.  A quick look out the window confirmed her suspicions.  As she expected, Shawn was outside gazing through his telescope, so she went into the kitchen to make that sandwich.

After she had eaten, she went outside to get Shawn

and managed to coax him away from the telescope and into bed for some much needed sleep.  Jane knew that they needed to get sleep now while they could.  Soon they would have their first baby and cuddling up together in bed might become a rare occurance.

Shawn sometimes has a one track mind.  Even though his work falls under the paranormal category, he is a scientist at heart.  UFO investigator is the perfect career for him, combining his interests in astronomy, extraterrestrial studies and the supernatural.

Sometimes Jane gets tired of hearing about it.  "Could you give the alien talk a rest?" Jane snaps.  "Not everyone wants to hear about aliens all the time.  Can we please talk about something else for a change?"

"Sorry.  I just thought you would be interested," Shawn shrugged.  He decided Jane's attitude must be due to pregnancy hormones.  How could she not be interested in his latest theories and strategies for determining whether or not there was intelligent life on neighboring planets?  He decided for the sake of family harmony to let the topic drop for awhile, at least until Jane was back to herself again.

Later, Jane started to feel guilty for snapping at Shawn the way she did.  She really did adore her geeky husband, alien obsession and all.

Jane's pregnancy was going well, but she was looking forward to reaching the end of it.  She was tired of waddling around on sore feet and swollen ankles.  She had to squeeze through their tiny kitchen.  She was starting to feel huge.  She was glad that there were other new mothers in the neighborhood to sympathize with.

"I bet you'll be glad when the baby comes," Robin commented.  "I know towards the end I was feeling like I was carrying a basketball under my shirt all the time."  She didn't comment that she thought Jane looked even larger than she did at nine months.  At least she didn't think she had looked that big.  She decided to ask Greg later when she was back home. 

As Jane had hoped, the wait was almost over.  She'd had a house full of guests when she started to feel very tired and an excruitating pain in her back.  She excused herself and decided to turn in early.  She had barely changed into her pajamas and laid down when she started to feel the beginning pains of labor.  When a sharp pain hit her, she let out a yell that brought everyone rushing to the bedroom to see what was wrong.

She couldn't help be annoyed when Shawn decided to go to bed while she was in the middle of giving birth to his first born child.  She was more than annoyed.  She was furious.  Didn't he care at all?

But her feelings of anger were quickly overtaken by the joy of seeing her baby for the first time and for another unexpected surprise.  She wasn't just meeting one baby for the first time, but two!  She was having twins.

Not only was she a new mommy to an adorable baby boy,

but she was also blessed with a precious baby girl as well.

Congratulations to Jane and Shawn and welcome Shane and Imogene D'Sim to the neighborhood.


  1. It was a good thing that she had twins. Her belly was much too big for one child.

    Welcome, to the neighborhood, Shane and Imogene.