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Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winter 2001 - Huffington

Winter 2001 - Simdays 107-109
Heather Huffington (32), Lance Huffington (4)

It was a slow transition, but Heather was beginning to adjust to the role of single mother.  She was still unemployed and not eager to start a career, but she knew money was a necessity and she would have to find some way to support herself and her young son.

She started thinking about what she could do to earn money, about what she liked and about what she was good at.  When she was in college she liked doing makeovers on her sorority sisters and classmates.  Now that New Eden had signed the business deal, she could open a home salon.  She could work from home, making the residents of New Eden more beautiful and still be home with her son.  It was perfect.

She quickly set about remodeling the vacant space next to her apartment into a salon and opened for business.

Her first customer was Sierra Thaytowski.  Their interaction didn't go very well, but Heather could see the potential in the girl. She was a natural beauty, but with a little make up she would be absolutely stunning.

Her business seemed to attract a lot of younger customers.  One of the first sims she was able to makeover was little Kendra First.  Heather was really proud of the results of her first professional makeover.

Working in the salon was more exhausting than Heather thought it would be.

She decided she needed some help, so she hired Sierra to help out with the cash register.  She wondered if maybe she should have had her babysit Lance instead.

Sierra was not as good at sales as Heather had hoped.

So she had to step in and show her how it's done.

The salon business wasn't doing so well.  Heather wasn't skilled on the salon chair, so she had to offer makeovers for free while she was getting established.  She made a little bit from cosmetics and toiletry sales, but managing the sales, cash register and salon chair, while running back and forth to her apartment to check on Lance and try to take care of her own needs was just too much.  She was tired, and hungry all the time and customers were starting to complain about the cleanliness of her house.  It was all too much.  Heather wasn't having as much fun with this as she thought.  In fact, she wasn't having any fun at all.

To top it off, she missed Lance's birthday.  She tried to arrange a little party for him, but no one would come.  Neil was out of town filming and Gareth wasn't taking her calls.  She was too tired to stay up a minute longer and she passed out on the bed while Lance was playing with his toys.

Lance celebrated his transition from toddlerhood all alone.  It wasn't a pleasant memory for him.

It felt like everything in Heather's life was going wrong.  She knew she had to do better and had to make life better for Lance first and foremost.

She decided she was going to have to close the salon.  It just wasn't working out.  She called Sierra into work and told her in person that she was out of a job.

Sierra hadn't been working out as an employee anyway.  Even if she had stayed open she probably would have fired Sierra for poor work performance.

Sierra was devastated to lose her very first job.

Closing the business was a huge burden off Heather's shoulders.  She felt free to enjoy her life and enjoy spending time with her son again.

Neil, who hadn't been by the house since Heather had opened the salon, stopped by with his daughter Maia to say hello.

Heather had never met Neil's daughter before, but she recognized her as the girl who had been nagging her about her dirty counters.  She wasn't exactly pleased to see her again.

But as they started talking, Maia explained. 

Maia: "I wasn't trying to be mean, but I could see you were really struggling with your business and I thought maybe I could offer some advice to help you out.  I'm sorry if I came off as rude."

Heather: "It's alright.  Don't worry about it.  I was having a hard time doing everything I needed to and the last thing I needed to hear was a complaint, even if it was meant as a suggestion."

Maia: " I think you had a really good idea.  Maybe you should have executed it differently.  Hired more employees."

Heather: "I had trouble finding anyone qualified . . . I don't know.  I don't think business ownership is for me, maybe.  I'll have to try something else."

Maia: "I can see you being successful in business one day.  Maybe you should try something else, like flower arranging.  I don't think you should worry, Heather.  I think you're going to have a really bright future ahead of you."

As Heather and Maia bonded outdoors.  Neil and Lance played together inside.  It was kind of strange to Heather that an adult man would be closer friends with her son than he was with her.  She was used to being the girl that all the men wanted and when she became a single mom, she thought the hard part would be finding a man who liked her son, not finding a man who liked her.  Now that she and Neil's daughter were starting to become friends, Heather wondered if she should make an effort to get to know Neil better.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Eden University - Fall Semester 2001

New Eden University - Fall Semester 2001
Chase Platz - sophomore / Joy London, Felicity London, Davis Vanderburg - freshmen

The move from private housing to dorm living immediately broadened the students' social circle. 

In addition to living closer to the other students,

they had a new roommate, freshman Davis Vanderburg.

The move also seemed to help the students become more academically minded and they soon found their grades improving and they were beginning to focus more on their own personal interests.

Chase was becoming more and more interested in fitness.  He was determined to work out and get in shape to prepare himself for a future career in the military.  When his determination began to reach the point of obsession, Joy became concerned and had a few words with him.

Joy: "Chase, you're at the gym so much we never see you anymore.  I know you want to get in shape, but do you think it's good for you to push yourself so hard?  That seems like all you do anymore."

Chase: "Don't worry about me, Joy.  I know how much my body can take."

But apparently he didn't. Late one night while finishing up his work out Chase overexerted himself.  It happened so fast that no one knew exactly what happened.  One minute he was working out, the next he was gone.  Only a dormie in the cafeteria was there to witness him collapse.  Everything happened so fast there was nothing anyone could do to save him.

Tragically, a life ended much too early and the campus remained in a state of shock for the remainder of the semester as they mourned the loss of one of their own.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jr / Sr High - Fall Semester 2001

Fall 2001 - Simday 109
Maia Hayes, Sofia Hartman -12th grade, Violet Cormier, Owen Rossi, Geneva Rossi - 10th grade, Augustus Thaytowski, Bryan Carson - 9th grade, Sierra Thaytowski, Charlotte Platz - 8th grade

The fall semester brought a new faculty member to the New Eden Jr. / Sr. High School.  Hope Miguel had immigrated to New Eden from the hood of Third Time Lucky after answering an online ad for the housemother position.  Hope was also looking forward to teaching, but when she met Rich Cormier, he told her that they wouldn't need her to teach this semester.  She could use this semester to get adjusted to living in a new hood and focus on settling on her new position as housemother to the boarding students.

The subject for this fall was art and to help the students learn about composition and art techniques, local artist, Fawn Thayer had volunteered to step in as a guest teacher.  Since Fawn was taking charge of the class, Rich and Jessica were also getting a break this semester as well.

The students divided into two groups.  Part of the class started on the pottery wheels, learning how to make decorative plates.

The rest of the class started at the easels and learned how to paint.

Always the artist, Fawn couldn't help getting inspired herself.  She had only recently started dabbling in pottery and she was coming up with new ideas for projects all the time.

It seemed like class had just started when it was already time for the students to break for lunch.  They gathered in the cafeteria, along with their new teacher, Miss Miguel and talked about the latest TV shows

and sports.  Hope was eager to find out what her new students were interested and what sims in New Eden liked to do for fun.  She really hoped that she would be able to connect with her new students and neighbors.

Once the Miss Miguel left the cafeteria, the students started talking about what really interested them, juicy topics like relationships.

Geneva: "No, I'm not trying to be antisocial.  I just felt like sitting on the end.  Don't worry, we're still friends."

Charlotte was the only student who finished their painting.  She continued working through lunch long after the other students had quit for the day.

After school, Geneva decided to give basketball a try.  Charlotte, Augustus, and Bryan also joined her in the gym.

As the new hood president, Robin decided to drop by the school and see for herself how things were going.

Augustus decided to go over to say hello.  They were related after all.  His dad was her mom's brother.  Because of their age difference, they never got to know each other very well, but since he was away from his family during the school year, he thought it would be nice to get to know the family members that lived close by.

His attempts at conversation didn't go well.

Augustus was impressed with what he had learned about native aquatic life at summer camp.  Robin found it less than impressive.  Who knew she was so opposed to fish?

Charlotte was still excited about this semester's topic and couldn't stop talking about art.  This semester had really opened her eyes to a new hobby or maybe even a future career.

Meanwhile, Hope was taking her time getting adjusted to her new surroundings.  The students under her care seemed to be doing well without needing as much supervision as she thought.

She was definitely looking forward to next semester when she would actually have the opportunity to teach.  So far, this job was almost too easy.

*ROS - Augustus Thaytowski attempts to make friends with Robin Harris

(I probably should have done this at the Harris's house, since there's so much going on at the school lot, that it was hard to fit it in.  But in all of the business with the Harris's new baby and new business, I forgot.  I may have to give this scenario another chance next rotation.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall 2001 - Straight

Fall 2001 - Simdays 107-109
Christopher Straight (24), Sophie Straight (24), Elsa Straight (2)

Sophie and Christopher were settling into their new lives as parents of a newborn.  Christopher was delighted to take on the role of a stay-at-home dad to baby Elsa while Sophie anticipated her return to the world of professional sports.

Taking care of a newborn can be extremely time-consuming and exhausting.  Christopher coped with the loss of sleep by increasing his intake of caffeine.  He was getting plenty of use our of the espresso machine he and Sophie had recieved as a wedding gift.

He recognized how difficult the pregnancy and delivery had been on Sophie and how hard she was working to get back into top physical shape and even though they were both busy caring for their new daughter, he never missed an opportunity to pamper his wife

Even though the change in hormones had left her more moody and cross than he could have imagined.

Sophie: "Oh no,  you did not just seriously suggest spending my hard earned money on a new game console."

Christopher: "It was just a thought.  It looked really cool on the commercials."

Sophie: "I wish you'd spend half the time you spend on video games on thinking about maybe getting a job someday."

Christopher:  "Taking care of Elsa is my job right now. We agreed on that, right?"

Sophie: "And how are you going to find time to play video games while you're taking care of an infant.  Really?  Men."

It was clear that Sophie was in some kind of post-partum funk.  Christopher thought it would be a good idea for Sophie to invite a friend over for some girl time.  Sophie didn't have many friends in the neighborhood yet, but she had gotten along well with Jane D'Sim when they had met previously and since she was also a new mother, she seemed like the perfect person to spend some time with.

Christopher fired up the grill and made some hamburgers for dinner and decided while he was at it, to invite a few other friends over and make a party of it.

Sophie: "Jane, I read your article in the paper about the new educational system.  I really enjoyed it.  It sounds like they're doing some really interesting things at the school."

Jane: "Oh yes, I think it's great.  I know our kids are too young to be thinking about school yet, but it's good to have such a diverse curriculum in place.  I love how the whole community is getting involved.  Over the summer Tosha Cormier helped teach the kids about nature and fishing.  I think next summer Shawn is going to help with their astronomy session.  You know how he loves to stargaze."

Sophie: "What are the kids studying now?"

Jane:  "Art.  I think Fawn Thayer is giving them some painting and sculpting lessons."

Sophie: "That will be great.  Fawn is just so talented.  She's so funky and free-spirited, don't you think?  I just love her."

Christopher stared at his wife as she sang Fawn's praises, he wasn't sure what to think of the dreamy look in her eyes when she talked about the local artist.  He grew even more uncomfortable when Fawn, who was also at the party, sat down beside him a moment later.

Christopher: "So what do you think of these burgers.  Not overdone, are they?"

After dinner, Jane headed home to check on the twins, while Sophie and Fawn joined a few friends downstairs at the poker tables.

An evening of fun and friends was just what she needed to relax and clear her head before heading back to work for the first time since the baby was born.

Sophie's first day at work was also Christopher's first day at home alone with Elsa.

In addition to taking care of the baby he had plenty of housekeeping chores on his "honey do" list that needed his attention.

Soon, it was time for Elsa's birthday.

The couple celebrated with a small, family party in the evening as they watched their baby grow into a toddler.

After the leftover cake was put away and Elsa was put to bed, the couple celebrated in private.  They were glad to be through the difficult and demanding infant stage and hoped that now that Elsa was a toddler, they'd have a little more time to reconnect.

Christopher was finding the toddler stage much easier than the infant stage.  He even found time during the day to enjoy his old hobbies.

Christopher: "Look, Elsa.  Daddy's about to make it to level 3.  Watch daddy."

Sophie, on the other hand was struggling as much as ever.  She was working hard to get back into her career, but even though Elsa was sleeping better at night, she just couldn't get her energy back.  What was supposed to be a romantic dinner after work, turned into Sophie passing out in her plate from exhaustion.

The next morning she figured out why.  Shortly after breakfast, a wave of nausea hit her that was unmistakable.  Morning sickness.  Their celebration of reaching the end of Elsa's infant days had led to something else.  Baby number two was on its way.