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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall 2001 - Thayer

Fall 2001 - Simdays 107-109
Fawn Thayer (33), Gareth Thayer (33)

By fall, the new redesign of the Artisan's Gallery was complete and the Open for Business deal had been signed and officially put into effect.  Fawn couldn't wait to open the doors.

Apparently, she wasn't the only one.  Sims were lined up at the door waiting for the museum to officially open.

Fawn was delighted that Winston was the very first sim in line.  She happily invited him to be the very first visitor in the newly opened gallery.

As an extra draw for visitors, Fawn talked her brother, Gareth, into playing piano at the grand opening.  She thought some light music to set the mood would be nice, plus she was was sure some sims would come just to hear one of the members of Aerial Bionic play in person.

After he was finished checking out the new building, Fawn invited Winston to the house to hang out for awhile.

Winston: "You won't believe what happened to me the other day.  You know Tosha, right?"

Fawn: "Sure."

Winston: "I ran into her at the shops and I think she was trying to hit on me."

Fawn: "Isn't she newly married?"

Winston: "Yes.  She said she was out shopping for her wedding dress that day.  She was acting really funny though."

"Well, I wouldn't be too surprised,"  Fawn smiled.  "You're a very attractive man."

The next several days were busy ones for Fawn.  She spent her time, managing the business aspect of the museum

 and working on her artwork.  She was just getting into pottery and hoped to become skilled enough at the pottery wheel to make objects to sell at the gallery.

"How's the galley business going?" Gareth asked one evening as he joined his sister for dinner.

"Very well," she answered.  "I've been getting a steady stream of visitors every day and I'm hoping to create some pieces to sell, so I can earn revenue from sales in addition to admission fees . . .  Anytime you want to play some piano for the gallery, I'd appreciate it," she hinted.

"We'll see," Gareth laughed.

James McMillian, the building's designer hadn't had a chance to stop by the building since it opened, but he did call to see how the new design was working for Fawn.  He wanted to make sure she was happy with his work.

Fawn: "It's great, James.  Just perfect, but I've got to go.  I have a lot of visitors right now.  Give me a call later and we'll work out a time to finish the decorating job on your house."

Jane: "Isn't Gareth here?  I thought he was supposed to be playing the piano."

Fawn: "Sorry, not today.  He only agreed to do it for the grand opening for certain, but he said he might be able to play again for us at another time in the future."

Jane: "Are you kidding me?  I thought he was going to be here today."

Fawn: "He's busy working on his music today."

Jane: "Well, that's just great.  The whole reason I came down here was to see him and maybe get some material for an article.  Ugh . . . Well, call me and let me know the next time he's going to play, ok?"

Fawn was delighted to see the younger sims in the hood take a real interest in art.

Meanwile, Gareth decided it was time to stop crashing on his sister's couch and settle in a more permanent place of his own.  Even if he was on the road a lot, it was still nice to have a place to call his own, so he invested some money into furnishing a small loft apartment.

He was also spending his down time from touring, mentoring young actress and musician, Sofia Hartman. 

Winston had suggested that Gareth talk with the girl and fill her in on what the music business was really like, so she could decide if that's what she really wanted to pursue.  He didn't mention that he was hoping the diversion would slow down Sofia and her mother's daily calls to his home office.

He was a little nervous about meeting with the young girl.  He wasn't sure how he would be able to connect with a teenage girl.  He could sense that she was attracted to him from the moment they met and he knew he needed to be very cautious about making sure their time together didn't cross the line into anything inappropriate.

He thought it might be a good idea to break the ice with a wholesome activity, so they went outside to toss a football for awhile, while they talked and got to know each other.

After playing for awhile they began to talk more seriously and Gareth left Sofia with some advice to think about.

Gareth: "I think you'll be better off with your career if you pick one thing to focus on first.  Are you primarily an actress or a singer?  Which one are you most passionate about?'

Sofia: "I think singing.  At first I thought I was more into acting, but lately music has really been taking ahold of me."

Gareth:  "There's always time to try new things.  That's the great thing about being young.  But if you want to be a success, you should probably just really take off with one thing first and then after you get established in that area, you can branch out more.  Take some time to think, figure out who you really are and what your style is.  And if you need any help with your music, give me a call, anytime."

"Sure.  Thanks so much, Gareth," Sofia beamed.  That day she left the Thayer's residence feeling like she was walking on air.

*ROS - Gareth Thayer makes a major purchase - buy at least $6,000 worth of new furniture.  (It's about time he had his own bed, right?)

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