Welcome to the New Eden Community Blog

Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to the New Eden community blog


Crabtree - Winston Crabtree (talent agent)
D'Sim - Shawn D'Sim, Jane D'Sim (STAR journalist)
Harris - Gregory Harris (dance studio instructor), Robin (Young) Harris (lawyer)
Havers - Alexis Havers (actress), Geneva Rossi (teen), Owen Rossi (teen)
Straight - Christopher Straight, Sophie Straight
Thayer - Gareth Thayer (musician), Fawn Thayer (art gallery owner), Heather Huffington, Lance Huffington (infant)