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Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Spring 2011 - Straight

Spring 2011 - Christopher (27), Sophie (27), Elsa (5), Sydni (1)

Time was passing quickly in the Straight household.  Elsa had just celebrated her fifth birthday and was starting her first day of kindergarten.  And Sophie was finished with her maternity leave and was headed back to work for the first time since Sydni was born.

The house seemed quiet without Sophie and Elsa.  He kind of enjoyed the peace of it being just him and Sydni in the house for most of the day.

Taking care of a baby single-handedly for the better part of the day was exhausting.  He found himself snapping at Elsa when all she wanted was a hug.

Elsa liked being a big girl and going to school, but she wasn't sure she liked the new baby taking over her place as Daddy's baby girl.

He and Sophie were both too tired and hungry to be much comfort when she was freaked out about the dead roaches in the backyard.

Sophie was not adjusting to returning to work very well.

She worked so hard and tried to catch up to where she had been before her pregnancies, but it was so exhausting.

She was worried that her dream of becoming a top athlete was never going to happen.

She tried to put it out of her mind when she came home at night.  She helped Christopher tidy up the house and drew herself a nice relaxing bubble bath.

Enjoyed the brief moments of alone time she could get with her husband.  It felt like the family was in chaos and they needed to reconnect.

It was Christopher's idea to sit down to a late family dinner together after Sydni was in bed for the night.

"We should really do this more often," Christopher sad as they sat down together.

"You work really hard, don't you, Momma?"

Sophie was a bit surprised by her daughter's words.  She didn't know she had picked up on that.  "Yes, I do.  Grown-ups have to work to make money to pay the bills and buy you the things you need."

"And while I'm gone at work, your daddy works very hard here to take care of the new baby, just like he did with you when you were a baby."

"Taking care of babies is a lot of work, isn't it?"

"Yes, but babies grow up.  Before you know it, Sydni will be a big girl like you and things will be much easier."

"Since I'm a big girl, I can help," Elsa said as she cleared the table and took the dishes to the table.  She was a very helpful girl.

"How about a quick game of catch before bed?" Sophie asked her daughter.

"In the house?"

"Just this once," Sophie winked.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spring 2011 - Thayer

Spring 2011 - Fawn (35), Gareth (35)

Fawn decided she was done with being a one man woman.  This break with Winston was a chance to explore her options.  Maybe it was better to have as many lovers as possible instead of letting one man fulfill your romantic needs.  So she started flirting with James.  They had always had a strong attraction to one another.  He was always stealing glances at her with that dreamy look in her eye, but never did anything about it, probably because one of both of them were usually seeing someone else.

"You should come by my studio and let me paint you sometime.  I'd even pay you a little to sit for me."

Of course, James was getting a reputation around the hood of not being willing to commit and she didn't want to be in another situation like she was with Winston.  So she wasn't about to limit her flirting to just James.

Jimmy had a reputation too and she knew he was always up for a good time without any strings attached.

"Why don't you take a break from the register?  No one's buying anything anyway.  There's something I want to show you."

"Woah!  This is not what I was expecting you to show me."

"Uh . . . this is a nice painting.  Why isn't it in the gallery?"

"It's one of my personal collection.  Haven't you had enough of looking at art all day?  Come over here."

She wasn't sure what had gotten into him and his attitude made her unsure that this was such a good idea, but Jimmy finally gave in and climbed into bed with her.

She didn't regret it afterwards and he didn't seem to either.

Meanwhile, Gareth's love life was heating up as well.  He and Sofia had always felt a strong attraction to each other, since the first day they met.  But since she was still a teen and he her mentor, they resisted the urge to act on those emotions.

He couldn't say they didn't come close at times at crossing that line.  Especially when traveling for their summer concerts last year they happened to find themselves staying at the same hotel with their respective bands.

Nothing happened, except for some intimate, personal conversations.  Gareth, luckily, was able to control his urges enough to remember that he was the adult (and she wasn't) and walk away before they got themselves into a lot of trouble.

Now that she was eighteen, a high school graduate, and fully an adult, there was no reason to hold back their feelings anymore.

When she wasn't busy with her social life, Fawn was still busy in the studio.  She was always happy to take a moment to talk with any interested sims that wandered into her gallery to ask questions.

Gareth still helped out too when he was in town.  He was glad to man the front desk and answer any questions anyone had about art, to the best of his ability.

He was kind of stunned when one evening Heather walked in.  It was awkward, but he thought he should go over and say hello and try to be polite.

To his surprise, they actually managed to have a civil conversation.  She told him that Lance was interested in taking a new hobby, maybe music. He seemed interested in the violin.

"I could help him with that.  I'd be happy to give him lessons sometime."

It was nice to be on speaking terms with Heather again.  Afterall she was the mother of his child and he had to get along with her if he had a chance at a relationship with him.  He did feel guilty about not spending much time with his son.  But between traveling around sim nation and arguing with the boy's mother, they hadn't seen enough of each other to build a relationship.  He wanted to make that right.

He asked Heather to send Lance over sometime, so they could get to know each other.  He was sure Fawn would like to reconnect with him too.  She hadn't seen much of him since he was an infant.

They chatted for awhile and to Gareth's relief they got along well.  They went outside to play a good old game of catch, something Gareth didn't recall ever being able to do with his own father.  He vowed that he wasn't going to let history repeat itself.  He wasn't going to let himself get too busy for his son and he wasn't going to let him grow up before he ever knew his real father.

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Calendar

Year 2011 corresponds to simday 113 and should begin on simWednesday and end sometime early simSaturday (approximately).
Household Rotations are as follows:

Spring 2011
-Thayer (Fawn - 35, Gareth - 35)
-Straight (Christopher - 27, Sophie - 27, Elsa - 5, Sydni - 1)
-Elementary School (Elsa Straight - Kindergarten, Bryce and Bridget Ebadi - 1st grade, Lance Huffington - 2nd grade, Kendra First - 4th grade)
Summer 2011
-Huffington (Heather - 34, Lance - 7)
-Havers-Rossi (Alexis - 47, Geneva and Owen - 17)
-First (Seth - 39, Ivy - 36, Kendra - 9, Jared and Leah - 1)
-Summer Festival
Fall 2011
-Crabtree (Winston - 34)
-D'Sim (Shawn - 46, Jane - 31, Shane and Imogene - 3)
-Ebadi (Jessica - 31, Bryce and Bridget - 6)
-University (Felicity London - Junior, Davis Vanderburg and Genesis Sartor - Sophomores, Derek Todd and Maia Hayer - Freshmen)
Winter 2011
-Cormier (Rich - 28, Tosha - 28, Violet - 17, New Baby Due!)
-McMillian (James - 40)
-Harris (Gregory - 26, Robin - 26, Melody - 4, New Baby Due!)
-2010-2011 Hood Meeting
(Joy and Felicity London - 22, Sofia - 18, Jimmy -31, Frank - 26)
-Jr. / Sr. High Schol -  (Violet Cormier, Owen Rossi, Geneva Rossi - 12th grade, Augustus Thaytowski, Bryan Carson - 11th grade, Sierra Thaytowski, Dana Todd - 10th grade)

ROS Events:
- Disaster strikes . . . tornado
- Death by electrocution :,(
- Meet someone new
- Propose (carried over from last time because the household was played ahead)

Friday, July 15, 2011

2010 Year End Review

Education Notes:
The new building for the elementary school has been a huge success.  Elementary teacher Jessica Ebadi says, "This building is much easier to navigate than the older building.  It's smaller, so it's easier to get around, but the rooms seem more spacious.  There's less wasted space.  James [McMillian] did a terrific job designing the building."
Since the new building is working out so well, it has been decided that the Jr/Sr High will move to this facility as well in 2012.  Though students and teachers may miss the gymnasium and auditorium, the improved layout should be worth the loss of these amenities.  Architect James McMillian will continue construction of the school building, adding a second floor with additional classrooms for the older students, a teacher's lounge, and computer lab.
Also the boarding school for Jr/Sr High will be discontinued after 2011.  In 2011 boarding school enrollment will have declined by one half, due to students graduating or leaving the school district.  Since it seems unlikely that any new students will need boarding, this option will be discontinued.  Teachers and students currently living in the boarding house will be moved to regular housing for the 2012 school year.

The hood is re-examining the possibility of in-hood housing for college students.  A new facility is expected to be built and ready for occupancy by next fall.  In the future we will be looking towards adding more skill building activities and equipment for the college students to use in their education and research.

The university is also implimenting more varied levels of degrees.  Beginning this year, students with 2 semesters completed will be eligible for a associate's degree, students with 4 semesters will be eligible for a bachelor's degree, 6 semesters will earn a master's degree, and 8 semesters will earn a doctorate. One semester at university will be equivalent to one simyear in the main hood.
Community Projects:

Several new community lots are in the works to add to our neighborhood and to encourage residents to get out and socialize and explore their home neighborhood.  Last fall, the annual festival marked the grand opening of the Central Market Square.  In the heart of New Eden, this lot features a small park, a grocery store, and room for another business to open their doors.  Plans are in place for a community garden to be planted on this lot.  Residents are encouraged to get out of the house and shop locally rather than calling for delivery.

A new community lot will be officially opened by summer 2011 in time for the summer festival.  A new community swimming pool and public beach lot will be the site for the summer festival.  We hope to see everyone there.

Preliminary plans are being made for a medical center and a government administration building.  These may possibly be contained within the same lot.  Dr. Seth First and Dr. Bruce Lillard (of Eden) are working together to pool their monetary resources and expertise for the future medical center.  Both projects are hoped to be underway by the end of 2012.
Government Notes:
Our neighborhood has never had an organized hood council, but we are working on changing that. Robin Harris will continue in her role as hood president and will be announcing which officers or departments are needed for the council early next year (suggestions are welcomed).  Nominations will be accepted and elections held at the end of 2011.
Financial Notes:
As announced at the last hood meeting loan repayments and taxes would be collected in 2011.  Since the bills were late in being calculated and sent out, payments will not be due until 2012.  Sims are encouraged to keep in mind that taxes will be due in 2012 and to make sure they start reserving funds in 2011.
Loan repayment amounts have been divided into yearly payments over the next 10 simyears.  Additional credits are given to home businesses.  For hood records,  a list of households who still owe money on loans and the amount owed will be posted to a separate page on the blog.

Taxes will be determined by income with a credit given for dependents (teens and younger) living in the household.

Taxes and loan repayments are on a trial basis.

Hood Data:

2010 Census
Adult Males - 8, Adult Females - 10
Young Adult Males - 2, Females - 3
Teen Males - 3, Teen Females - 6
Child Males - 2, Child Females - 3
Toddler Males - 1, Toddler Females - 2
Infant Males - 1, Infant Females - 2

Household Net Worth
First - 147,092
Havers - 142,263
Thayer - 87,651 (including 15,267 worth of historical paintings in the art museum)
Cormier - 48,001
Crabtree - 46,195
Huffington - 45,429
McMillian - 35,599
Harris - 34,822 (including the Harris Gym)
Straight - 29,262
Ebadi - 26,919
D'Sim - 22,316
The Year in Review:

Congratulations to Christopher and Sophie Straight on the birth of their daughter, Sydni.  Sydni joins proud big sister, Elsa, and is the family's second daughter.

Congratulations to the graduates!  Maia Hayes and Sofia Hartman have graduated from New Eden Jr/Sr High School this year.  Maia is going on to continue her studies at New Eden University while Sofia will be focusing on  pursuing her music career. 

Joy London has graduated from New Eden University with a bachelor's degree in drama .  She earned a 3.0 gpa and will pursuing a career in acting.

Farewell and best of luck to Charlotte Platz who is moving from back to Eden to reside with her parents.  Charlotte was a freshman at New Eden Jr/Sr High and a resident of the boarding school.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Winter 2010 - Jr. / Sr. High School

Maia Hayes, Sofia Hartman -12th grade, Violet Cormier, Owen Rossi, Geneva Rossi - 11th grade, Augustus Thaytowski, Bryan Carson - 10th grade, Sierra Thaytowski, Charlotte Platz - 9th grade

This semester was Hope's first teaching the students and since Rich had gotten fired she was doing it on her own.  The subject of focus for the semester was home economics.  The students started out in the morning, learning how to sew.  Each student created a simple potholder of their own design.

Charlotte Platz was late for class.  Hope knew that she hadn't been feeling well lately, so she excused her this time, but told her she needed to be more punctual from now on.

Once the students had finished their sewing projects they went up stairs to do research.  They were to research and write a report related to cleaning and devise a meal plan that they could cook themselves.

Once the papers were turned in and the meal plans approved, the students headed down to the cafeteria to try their hands at cooking.  Today they would be preparing their own lunches.

Hope was close on hand in case anyone had troubles in the kitchen.  By the results and differences in complexity of their meals, she could tell the students had a wide range of cooking skills and experience in the kitchen.

She was glad that, for the most part, students were getting along.  Except for Sierra and Bryan who still had to be kept separated from each other, the other students were all becoming friends.  She was pleased to have a close-knit group.

She was beginning to develop a closer relationship with the students too.  She was glad that they were feeling comfortable enough with her to confide in her when they needed someone to talk to.

She wished she was getting to know some of the other sims in the neighborhood better.  Sometimes she longed for adult conversation and someone to confide in herself.  Especially now that she was faced with a problem she was not expecting to have to deal with when she took this job.

She had noticed, for the last several weeks that Charlotte Platz was not acting like herself.  She was often late for class or asked to be dismissed early because she wasn't feeling well.  She always seemed tired and was becoming withdrawn.  Her personality was changing and so was her style of dress.   She started wearing baggy clothes and looked like she was gaining weight.

Concerned, Hope had Charlotte pay a visit to the doctor for a check-up.  The results shocked her and she immediately called in Charlotte's parents, Bethany and Chandler who still lived in Eden.  She dreaded making the call, but it had to be done.  How do you tell the parents whose fourteen year old daughter, who is under your care, is pregnant?

As soon as the Platzes arrived, Hope scheduled an emergency meeting with them and the boy who had gotten her pregnant, Owen Rossi, and his mother.

"I can't believe this.  How could you have done this?" Alexis hissed under her breath as they waited in Hope's office for Hope and Charlotte.  "What are you going to do about this?"

"I could ask her to marry me," Owen offered with a shrug.

"Marry you?  Are you kidding!  You are too young to get married and she is way too young to think about getting married."

"I know we're young, but maybe we could just get engaged at least and wait a few years to get married . . ." his voice trailed off quietly when he noticed the hateful glare, Charlotte's mother was sending his way.

"I don't think the two of you realize how serious this is," Alexis whispered as Charlotte strutted in.

"I know it's serious," Owen replied.  "But I think we can make it work.  Charlotte and I are best friends.  Isn't that what marriages are supposed the be based on, friendship?  I want us to stay the best of friends forever."

Hope mustered a smile as she entered the room, trying to put on a brave face.  "Thank you all for coming in today.  This is a difficult situation, but I feel if we all come together and discuss what's happened, we can work something out."

She felt so bad for the Platz's.  They had the comments you would expect, such has how could such a thing have happened.  Hope apologized profusely about what happened.  She knew that they had trusted their daughter's care to her and she had let them down.

After the initial upset, Bethany's motherly instinct kicked in.  She wanted to make sure that she was eating right and taking care of herself.

Then came the question of what they were going to do.  Charlotte wanted to keep the baby.  She promised she would work hard to take care of it and to get through school.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is going to be for you to take care of a baby.  You're still a child yourself.  You shouldn't have to work so hard.  You should be a kid.  You can't be a parent."

Charlotte hated to hear it, but she knew her father was right.

"I can't believe you got yourself into this situation," he muttered.  "You're too young for this type of behavior."

"But it was our first time," Owen declared.  There was a little too much pride and excitement in his voice for Charlotte's father's liking.

"It doesn't matter if it's your first time or not.  Pregnancy can happen at anytime, especially if you aren't being careful and using protection," Hope said, gently, trying to tone the tensions in the room down a notch.  She made a mental note that maybe sex education should be added to the curriculum next year.

Bethany looked down in shame, the situation was too much for her to bear.  "First we were told that our son had died while at college.  Now we're told our teenage daughter is pregnant.  We sent our children to New Eden, hoping they would have better lives, but look how it turned out.  We never should have let either of them move so far away from us."

Hope felt a great deal of sympathy for the Platzes.  She could only imagine what they had gone through over the last year and what they were going through now.

"I know things look bleak now and it's hard to look ahead, but I truly believe every cloud has a silver lining somewhere."

"Right," Bethany said decisively.  "We'll just have to make the best of a bad situation and hope for brighter days ahead."

The meeting concluded, Charlotte was sent to her room to pack her things and say goodbye to her friends.  She would be traveling back to Eden with her parents where they would take care of her and the new baby when it was born.

I love when sims conversation bubbles work out well with what they are supposed to be discussing.  The topics and expressions were all them.  I couldn't have staged it better myself.