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Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall 2011 - University

Felicity London is a 1st year graduate student, Davis Vanderburg and Genesis Sartor are Seniors, Maia Hayes and Derek Todd are freshmen.
This school year the students were treated to a brand new college dorm to call home, designed by James McMillian.  It features a formal entryway,

downstairs entertainment lounge,

kitchen and dining area,

four bedrooms that can accommodate either one or two students and include personal computers for each student,

a second upstairs lounge located between the bedrooms,

and an extensive in-house library for quiet studying.

As upperclassmen, Felicity and Davis took their studies very seriously, but not all of the other students were as studious.  The freshmen especially seemed to forget they were there for an education.  The new young adults seemed to lack the ability to properly take care of themselves,

and even Genesis, who was entering her senior year of undergraduate studies, seemed to have the same problem.  Lured in by the lifestyle of late night partying and all night SSX tournaments,

she was just as bad as the freshmen.

One day she and freshman, Derek Todd, spent the better part of a day passed out in their plates at the cafeteria.

Felicity had taken a liking to one of the other new freshmen, Maia Hayes.  She noticed the girl had great taste in pajamas.  Maia seemed to keep her partying under control unlike some of the other dormmates. She seemed a little naive and Felicity wondered if the girl needed someone older to take her under their wing.
Maia had admitted to Felicity that she hadn't even had her first kiss yet and she wondered what it would be like.  Felicity was happy to talk to the girl and assured her it would happen at the right time and it would be wonderful.  The conversation ended when Davis sat down at the table. 
"So what are we talking about?" Davis asked.
"Oh nothing," Maia blushed deeply.  "I was just about to go."

By the time Genesis and Derek woke up, their food had gone bad, but they were just in time to catch a visit from the campus streaker.

Maia's questions about kissing turned out to be more than hypothetical.  Determined to get her first kiss out of the way, she summoned up her courage, grabbed a hold of Davis in the hallway and planted one one him.

Davis was in shock.  His heart raced.  Where was Felicity?  Had she seen what had happened?  He looked around and was relieved that she was no where in sight.  She was still downstairs playing the piano.

"What was that?!?"

"I just wanted to see what it was like.  You're a very good kisser," she said shyly.
"Thanks . . . but I have a girlfriend.  Felicity and I are kind of an item."
"Don't worry, she won't have to find out."
But it didn't take long for Felicity to find out.  Maybe it was carelessness on Maia's part or maybe it was deliberate, but she let the news spill when Felicity was close enough to hear.
"Are you sure you don't want to try kissing again?" Maia flirted.  "I had fun trying it last night."

Felicity stormed over.  "You kissed her?  How could you?"

And after she was done with Davis she turned to Maia.  "And you?  I thought we were friends, but you're nothing but a conniving two-faced slut!"

Felicity was so confused.  Had Maia tricked Davis or was he just as party to what had happened as she was?  The way he looked at Maia seemed to give her the answer she needed.  Just as her heart was breaking, it started to hail.  It was as if the smustlers behind her had been doing a rain dance.
Just as Davis and Felicity's relationship was dissolving, a new romance was forming.  With all the time they'd spent together this semester, Genesis and Derek had grown closer and shared their first kiss.
As finals loomed closer, they decided it was time to get to work.  They spent the morning before their finals cramming to write a last minute term paper.  Felicity felt that it was unfair that students who did nothing all semester were able to still score a place on the Dean's List and a 4.0 gpa by cramming at the last minute.  It didn't seem fair.

She thought it was time to have a talk with Davis about what had happened, so she sat down with him while he was at the chess table.  She hoped having the distraction of the game would help her keep her emotions in check.

In the end she decided it was going to take awhile for her to regain her trust of him and to get back to where they used to be.  In the meantime she wanted some space to sort things out in her own mind.

Finding space was going to be hard though, when they all shared the same dorm.  Felicity really wanted to go as far with her education was possible, but she wondered how she was going to get through three more years of living in such close proximity to Davis and Maia.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall 2011 - Ebadi/London

Fall 2011 - Jessica Ebadi (31), Bryce Ebadi (6), Bridget Ebadi (6), Joy London (22)

It had been a stormy fall.  Lots of rain and thunderstorms with more predicted on the horizon. 

Jessica was making some changes in her life.  Her four bedroom house was bigger than her family of three really needed and with taxes and loan repayments coming up, she knew she needed to make some more money.  She decided to look for someone to rent the spare bedroom that they never used.

She found the perfect renter in Joy London, a recent college graduate who was looking for a place to live before she fully embarked on her own.  Joy didn't remember her, but she had met Jessica back in Eden.  Jessica had worked as a gardener for Joy's family while she was working her way through college.  She remembered Joy and her sister Felicity as teenagers.

"You know, the school may be looking for a teacher's aide.  With your educational background you should apply."

"I'll think about it," Joy nodded.  It sounded like a good opportunity, but she was afraid if she started another career she wouldn't pursue her dream of becoming a famous actress.  She promised to give herself a few months and if nothing was happening with acting, she'd look into other opportunities.  She just hoped her savings would last long enough.

Teaching wasn't a bad option to consider.  She did like kids.  She found herself spending a lot of time with Jessica's son and daughter and volunteered to babysit in exchange for a discount on her rent.
She was especially drawn to little Bryce.  He reminded her so much of her brothers and Uncle Bruce.  He looked like he had what the family referred to as the Lillard nose, inherited from her grandpa Brandon.  She wondered if it was coincidence or if his father was a relative of hers.  Jessica was closed lipped on the subject of her children's paternity, but Joy had a strong suspicion that Bryce and Bridget might be her nephew and niece.  She wondered which of her older brothers had the secret affair with Jessica before she moved to New Eden, Jimmy or Frank.  If she had to bet on it, she'd have to put her money on Jimmy.  She wondered if he knew.

Joy was shocked one evening when she saw a familiar name active on her instant messenger.  Chase Platz, it couldn't be!  She was sure someone must have been playing a joke.

The longer they chatted the more she was assured that it must really be him.  So agreed to meet him on campus.

He greeted her like it was old times, and she was blown away that he was really alive.  He wanted to pick up where they had left off, but she declined.  It was better that their relationship, or whatever it was, was in the past.  She had moved on.

She was becoming seriously involved with Alon Carlson who she had met while at university.

She was totally smitten.

Jessica wasn't sure what to think when she came home from work several days in a row to find Alon there.  He was a nice enough boy and she wasn't so old that she remembered what it was like to be young and unattached.  But she did have young children in the house to think of

and she didn't want her home to become party central.  It was her house and sometimes she wanted quiet when she and the kids came home from school.

She had a chat with Joy about making sure her visitors were at the house at appropriate times and Joy agreed to be more considerate.  She already felt bad about waking the whole family on her first night there when Davis dropped by to hang out.  She hadn't realized it had gotten so late while they were chatting online.

Joy started inviting her friends over in the daytime when Jessica and the kids were at school, since she wasn't working yet and made sure they knew the party would have to break up or move elsewhere when it was time for Jessica and the kids to come home.
It was just a small gathering to watch the tennis championship, nothing too wild, just her sister, Davis and Alon.  It was fun that they could double date.

"So any regrets about leaving university early?"
"No, none at all.  I'm so happy I graduated.  I'm just ready to get on with life."

"Me too.  I have to admit that I was a little afraid you'd forget about me once you went out into the real world."

"No, of course not!"

"Good.  I was hoping you getting on with life would still include me."

Joy wanted to swoon.  She felt so much love for him.  She just knew this was for real.

She grabbed Felicity aside and dragged her to the bathroom where they could talk in private.  "I think Alon is the one. He is just so perfect for me."

"You two are really cute together."

"I think I want to marry him."

Felicity squealed.  "Really?  Are you serious?"

Before they could talk more, Alon interrupted.  "What are you two talking about in here?"
"Nothing, just sister stuff.  None of your business," Joy replied.
Felicity smiled and said aside to Joy, "You should do it."
She found Alon in the hallway,

got down on one knee and went for it.
"What are you doing?"

"Do you really want to go through life with me?  Not just as friends or as boyfriend and girlfriend, but eventually as husband and wife?"
"Joy!  Are you asking me to marry you?"
She knew it was out of the blue, but she was feeling spontaneous.  "I know we would be good together.  We don't have to get married tomorrow, but hopefully sometime, yes."

"Yes, Joy, I do want to marry you.  Let's get engaged."

She was so happy he said yes.  She  smiled up at Davis who had been watching from behind the corner.  He smiled and winked at her.  She was glad her two best friends approved.  She was looking forward to a happy life with the sims she loved most.

It was obvious to anyone that Alon and Joy were made for each other.  After a hug, they both mocked shooting a basket and shouted, "score!" before erupting into laughter.

It was a little rougher than she thought adjusting to having Joy as a roommate, but once they established a few ground rules for visitors at the house, they got along fine.  She was happy for Joy's engagement, but she knew she'd miss the young woman when she eventually moved out.  She had been a lot of help around the house and with the children.  They had developed a nice routine.

But she still had her children and wouldn't mind having the house just to the three of them again.

The almost daily storms were not letting up as the autumn progressed.  A particularly bad storm was on the forecast with potential for tornadoes.  Jessica herded the children into the house and left them under Joy's care with she headed back to work for a school board meeting.

As the rain and hail poured down and the winds picked up, Joy did not like the look of the dark clouds on the horizon.  She gathered Bridget and Bryce close and they crouched together in the bathroom as the storm blew through.  She tried to comfort the little ones as well as she could, even though she was terrified herself.  She's never seen a storm like this in her entire life.  They wanted their mother to be there, and so did Joy, she was worried for her friend being out in this storm.  She hoped she was safe in the school house until the storm passed.

A strong gust of wind blew a large hole in the roof and the rain and hail started to fall into the house.  Joy and the children heard the noise and she held the children closer, praying the storm would end soon.
Outside, Jessica had just arrived him.  Instead of waiting out the storm, she had hurried home to be with her children.  As she stepped out of her car she was struck by a bolt of lightening.

Bryce heard his mom's car pull into the driveway and he hurried out of the bathroom to meet her before Joy could stop him.  By this time the storm had calmed down and the worst of it had past.  But the worse of the experience was yet to come as Jessica's lifeless body lay on the ground.

All of my ROS happened in the fall this time, 3 out of 4 to this household!  What a season!
ROS - Joy gets engaged (this was left over from last time, since I'd already played university ahead.  I'm glad I postponed it so she could get to know Alon better and that I didn't have her propose to Chase instead.  By the time I got around to this one, she had rolled the want to get engaged to Alon, so I felt better about making it happen by random events.

ROS - Disaster strikes - a tornado . . this one was also for Joy.
ROS - Death by electrocution Jessica Ebadi.  :(  My first death ROS.  I feel really bad about this one, especially since she's a single mom with young kids and I was just starting to see potential with her and James.  Before I rolled this, during the last rotation, I noticed the empty bedroom and thought about moving someone in.  I'm glad Joy is living in the house so the kids wouldn't be living alone and taken by social services.  There's going to be a lot to sort out after this round.  :(