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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall 2011 - D'Sim

Fall 2011 - Shawn (46), Jane (31), Shane and Imogene (3)

This fall the D'Sim's welcomed a guest to their home.  Shawn's mother, Em, had been excited when she heard the news of the birth of the twins.  She was anxious to arrange a visit so she could meet her grandchildren, but waited until she could schedule a long block of vacation time so she could arrange an extended visit.

Em arrived in New Eden, just in time for the Summer Festival.  She and Jane seemed to hit it off right away.
The house was too small for a guestroom, so instead of sleeping on the couch, Em found a rental house and planned daily visits to her son and daughter-in-law's house.

She was so excited to get to know Imogene and Shane.

She didn't want to be a burden on the kids, so she tried to help out when ever she could, not only with the babies, but also around the house and yard.

There was a lot that needed to be done.  And she was sure that with both parents working and trying to care for twins, they could use all the help they could get.

Jane was still using her vacation days and working from home as much as she could.  Shawn was gone a lot and either exhausted when he came home or busy helping with the twins or trying to get in some extra telescope time.  Em felt like she didn't get to see much of her son at all and despite their warm initial meeting, being in the house all day with Jane felt a little awkward.

Their conversations were not as natural as she hoped. 

Too often, Jane too offense at their topics of conversation and took Em's remarks are personal criticisms.

Jane started hinting that maybe it was time for her to pack up and go home, but it seems that Em was having other ideas.

ROS - Jane D'Sim meets someone new.  I was going to use the second name my ROS program generates to chose the person she meets, but I was already planning for Em to visit, so it happened to work for that too.  Since Shawn is my simself's son, I had to recreate her in New Eden, so she could meet the grandbabies.

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