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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall 2011 - Crabtree

Fall 2011 - Winston (34)
This non-communication with Fawn had gone on for too long.  After seeing her at the summer festival and having a short, but pleasant conversation with her, Winston really wanted to talk with Fawn.

So much time had past since their falling out last winter.  He really needed to know what had gone wrong between them.

"Why don't you come over?  I'll make dinner and we can talk."

"I don't know . . ." she hesitated.

"If dinner seems too serious, too much like a date, how about brunch?  We should talk, in person."

"I'll think about it."

Since it sounded like Fawn was not accepting his invitations, Winston decided to focus on work.  He had been getting to know Joy London, a recent college grad looking for work as an actress.

They started a serious of interviews.  He liked to get to know where all of his clients' strengths were.  Joy seemed smart and fit.

She was funny and charismatic.  When he said goodbye following their first meeting, he had a good feeling about her potential.

He invited her over to his house a few days later to see if she had any musical talent.  He was impressed with what he heard.

Fawn had ended their phone call with the impression that she would not be coming over, so Winston was surprised to see her pass by his house just as Joy was leaving and his next client, Keith was arriving.

They greeted each other like old friends

very, dear old friends

and there was no doubt that the electricity and chemistry was still there.

Fawn could still play the piano like a pro

and he still couldn't cook beyond simple sandwiches and still always had his mind on his work.

She was still one of the most effortlessly sexy sims he'd known.

They started with small talk.  She shared how things were going at the art gallery

and asked how managing her brother's band was going.  Just as they were about to get to a serious conversation, Keith interrupted.  A woman had called Winston's office phone, anxious to speak with him.

It was terrible timing.  Lara, the woman he had met on vacation wanted to chat.  He tried to end the conversation as quickly and politely as possible, but he hadn't said goodbye yet when Fawn entered the room.

He tried to play off the phone call with a joke.  Fawn was no amused.  In fact, she was so put off with his bad taste, that she left immediately.  He knew then that what they had really was over.

The next day, Lara dropped by unexpectedly.  She was concerned with how he had ended their phone call so abruptly and decided to come over to talk with him in person.

They greeted each other like new lovers.

She took his hand and led him to his office sofa.  He had been intimate with Fawn many times, but never felt the way he was feeling with Lara in this moment.  He wondered if Lara was his future now that his relationship with Fawn seemed to be a thing of the past.

If it truly was the end for them, he knew he would always have a soft spot for her in his memories.  No one played the piano like Fawn.


  1. Wow, I can't believe she got so upset about the phone call and that he moved on so quickly.

  2. I know, their relationship is difficult to figure out. He still wants to interact with her (mostly just talk). She has no wants relating to him and refuses to come over if he invites her (but she did happen to walk by. Lara was a walkby too) But whenever they see each other, they get along really well . . . nothing romantic, but they still seem to enjoy each other's company. All I can come up with is their romance just fizzled out,. It seemed really sudden to me, but at this point, it's been over a simyear.

    I'm not sure what interaction ticked her off after the phone call. I think it was something trivial like a dirty joke.

    I've already played Fawn for her next two rounds and she seems to be moving on as well. I'm anxious to get back to Winston's house again and see where he's at now.