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Friday, July 1, 2011

Winter 2010 - Thayer

Fawn Thayer (35), Gareth Thayer (35)

Fawn ignored the sound of the ringing telephone.  The caller ID showed Winston's number.  She'd already said all that she needed to say to him.

It had been a strange afternoon at last year's winter festival.  Fawn was surprised to see an old flame, Jimmy London, in town visiting his sisters. Lost in a moment, their greeting seemed to be an indication of rekindling the past.

Winston acted strangely after that, sneering at any male who happened near her.  She decided it was time to pull him aside for a serious chat.

Winston insisted that he wasn't mad. He wasn't jealous.  They weren't commited, they could both see whoever they want whenever they wanted.

Fawn took a leap and told the truth.  She poured her heart out and confessed that she was in love with him.  He just stared at her.  He couldn't say it back.  Then she knew the ugly truth.  He didn't feel the same way about her.

He was right, they weren't commited.  She wasn't asking for a commitment, but she had hoped at the very least, after all this time, he had at least felt something towards her, that their relationship was at least a little more than just friends with benefits.
After the festival, he called several times, trying to get her to talk to him, to go on a vacation with him.  He insisted that his feelings were the same, nothing had changed.  That was the part of the problem.  The other part of the problem was that her feelings had changed.  She suddenly felt like she didn't know him as well as she thought she did.
After a few months Winston quit calling and life carried on.  It broke Fawn's heart just a little bit when one day it hit her that they weren't the best of friends anymore. That hurt worse than losing him as a lover.

She focused on her work at the art museum and started painting a series of winter scenes.  It seemed like the winter was never-ending.

Business was fair.  There were always at least a few visitors at the gallery.  A lot of browsers, but nobody was buying.  Fawn was beginning to develop a passion for blogging and when she wasn't painting, she was updating her new arts and crafts blog.
On James' suggestion, she met with Genesis and chatted with her about her interest in the arts.  James had hoped Fawn would offer her a job, but she decided to hold off.  She did agree to offer a place for any pieces Genesis wanted to show or sell.

Instead she hired her old friend Jimmy.  A college grad, just getting settled into the neighborhood.  It was important for her to have someone she knew and trusted to man the cash register so she could focus on her art and answering questions for visitors.  One employee was probably all she could afford to hire at the moment.

Jimmy was appreciative of the opportunity.

But he soon found it was kind of a boring job standing behind a cash register when no one actually bought anything.  He thought he might have to start looking for a second job.  It was hard telling how long Fawn would be able to afford to pay him to stand around and do nothing.

When Gareth was in town between working in the studio and touring, he lent a hand in the studio.  He had recently developed an interest in pottery.  Fawn was grateful for the free help and hoped that Gareth's name on some of the pieces might help generate sales.

She liked having her brother visit, even more so now that he had his own apartment.  She didn't appreciate sharing her bathroom though.  After growing up in a household of eight, she enjoyed the luxury of having a bathroom to herself when he was out of town.

Bummed that her computer wasn't working and she couldn't update her daily blog, Fawn took it into her own hands to try to fix it.  It didn't go well.

In fact it went from bad to worse.  Luckily she was able to put the fire out quickly and no damage was done to any of the pieces.

She vowed to stick with hiring a repairman from then on.

For the life of me I can't figure out exactly what happened between Fawn and Winston.  My first indication that anything was wrong was when I played his house at the beginning of the rotation and she gave some lame excuse for not coming over when he invited her.  His relationships scores for her are still high, but her daily score for him had dropped way low.  Neither one was furious.  There were no clues in their memories.  If anyone should have a relationship drop I'd think it would be Winston since Fawn had kissed Jimmy, but no.  Winston was never in love with her anyway.  All I can think of that it could be is that conversation about love.  Are sims smart enough to react to conversations about memories that strongly?  I don't know.  But I am kind of sad that it seems to be over for them.  I really like them together.  :(


  1. Wow, that is strange that the relationship dropped so suddenly. Maybe they could give it another shot and who knows, maybe the second time is the charm.

  2. They could if they wanted to, but I'm playing it kind of hands off and, so far, it doesn't seem like they want to. :(