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Friday, July 22, 2011

Spring 2011 - Thayer

Spring 2011 - Fawn (35), Gareth (35)

Fawn decided she was done with being a one man woman.  This break with Winston was a chance to explore her options.  Maybe it was better to have as many lovers as possible instead of letting one man fulfill your romantic needs.  So she started flirting with James.  They had always had a strong attraction to one another.  He was always stealing glances at her with that dreamy look in her eye, but never did anything about it, probably because one of both of them were usually seeing someone else.

"You should come by my studio and let me paint you sometime.  I'd even pay you a little to sit for me."

Of course, James was getting a reputation around the hood of not being willing to commit and she didn't want to be in another situation like she was with Winston.  So she wasn't about to limit her flirting to just James.

Jimmy had a reputation too and she knew he was always up for a good time without any strings attached.

"Why don't you take a break from the register?  No one's buying anything anyway.  There's something I want to show you."

"Woah!  This is not what I was expecting you to show me."

"Uh . . . this is a nice painting.  Why isn't it in the gallery?"

"It's one of my personal collection.  Haven't you had enough of looking at art all day?  Come over here."

She wasn't sure what had gotten into him and his attitude made her unsure that this was such a good idea, but Jimmy finally gave in and climbed into bed with her.

She didn't regret it afterwards and he didn't seem to either.

Meanwhile, Gareth's love life was heating up as well.  He and Sofia had always felt a strong attraction to each other, since the first day they met.  But since she was still a teen and he her mentor, they resisted the urge to act on those emotions.

He couldn't say they didn't come close at times at crossing that line.  Especially when traveling for their summer concerts last year they happened to find themselves staying at the same hotel with their respective bands.

Nothing happened, except for some intimate, personal conversations.  Gareth, luckily, was able to control his urges enough to remember that he was the adult (and she wasn't) and walk away before they got themselves into a lot of trouble.

Now that she was eighteen, a high school graduate, and fully an adult, there was no reason to hold back their feelings anymore.

When she wasn't busy with her social life, Fawn was still busy in the studio.  She was always happy to take a moment to talk with any interested sims that wandered into her gallery to ask questions.

Gareth still helped out too when he was in town.  He was glad to man the front desk and answer any questions anyone had about art, to the best of his ability.

He was kind of stunned when one evening Heather walked in.  It was awkward, but he thought he should go over and say hello and try to be polite.

To his surprise, they actually managed to have a civil conversation.  She told him that Lance was interested in taking a new hobby, maybe music. He seemed interested in the violin.

"I could help him with that.  I'd be happy to give him lessons sometime."

It was nice to be on speaking terms with Heather again.  Afterall she was the mother of his child and he had to get along with her if he had a chance at a relationship with him.  He did feel guilty about not spending much time with his son.  But between traveling around sim nation and arguing with the boy's mother, they hadn't seen enough of each other to build a relationship.  He wanted to make that right.

He asked Heather to send Lance over sometime, so they could get to know each other.  He was sure Fawn would like to reconnect with him too.  She hadn't seen much of him since he was an infant.

They chatted for awhile and to Gareth's relief they got along well.  They went outside to play a good old game of catch, something Gareth didn't recall ever being able to do with his own father.  He vowed that he wasn't going to let history repeat itself.  He wasn't going to let himself get too busy for his son and he wasn't going to let him grow up before he ever knew his real father.


  1. Wow, I don't know what it is about those men in Aerial Bionic and teens! Crazy

  2. I know, right! Maybe they're just young at heart... :/ I blame the matchmaker who sent Sofia over when Gareth ordered a blind date. I decided I needed to grow her up fast before they got into trouble. They almost did, since those "hotel" scene took place on a community lot last sim year while Winston was "on vacation."