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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jr / Sr High - Fall Semester 2001

Fall 2001 - Simday 109
Maia Hayes, Sofia Hartman -12th grade, Violet Cormier, Owen Rossi, Geneva Rossi - 10th grade, Augustus Thaytowski, Bryan Carson - 9th grade, Sierra Thaytowski, Charlotte Platz - 8th grade

The fall semester brought a new faculty member to the New Eden Jr. / Sr. High School.  Hope Miguel had immigrated to New Eden from the hood of Third Time Lucky after answering an online ad for the housemother position.  Hope was also looking forward to teaching, but when she met Rich Cormier, he told her that they wouldn't need her to teach this semester.  She could use this semester to get adjusted to living in a new hood and focus on settling on her new position as housemother to the boarding students.

The subject for this fall was art and to help the students learn about composition and art techniques, local artist, Fawn Thayer had volunteered to step in as a guest teacher.  Since Fawn was taking charge of the class, Rich and Jessica were also getting a break this semester as well.

The students divided into two groups.  Part of the class started on the pottery wheels, learning how to make decorative plates.

The rest of the class started at the easels and learned how to paint.

Always the artist, Fawn couldn't help getting inspired herself.  She had only recently started dabbling in pottery and she was coming up with new ideas for projects all the time.

It seemed like class had just started when it was already time for the students to break for lunch.  They gathered in the cafeteria, along with their new teacher, Miss Miguel and talked about the latest TV shows

and sports.  Hope was eager to find out what her new students were interested and what sims in New Eden liked to do for fun.  She really hoped that she would be able to connect with her new students and neighbors.

Once the Miss Miguel left the cafeteria, the students started talking about what really interested them, juicy topics like relationships.

Geneva: "No, I'm not trying to be antisocial.  I just felt like sitting on the end.  Don't worry, we're still friends."

Charlotte was the only student who finished their painting.  She continued working through lunch long after the other students had quit for the day.

After school, Geneva decided to give basketball a try.  Charlotte, Augustus, and Bryan also joined her in the gym.

As the new hood president, Robin decided to drop by the school and see for herself how things were going.

Augustus decided to go over to say hello.  They were related after all.  His dad was her mom's brother.  Because of their age difference, they never got to know each other very well, but since he was away from his family during the school year, he thought it would be nice to get to know the family members that lived close by.

His attempts at conversation didn't go well.

Augustus was impressed with what he had learned about native aquatic life at summer camp.  Robin found it less than impressive.  Who knew she was so opposed to fish?

Charlotte was still excited about this semester's topic and couldn't stop talking about art.  This semester had really opened her eyes to a new hobby or maybe even a future career.

Meanwhile, Hope was taking her time getting adjusted to her new surroundings.  The students under her care seemed to be doing well without needing as much supervision as she thought.

She was definitely looking forward to next semester when she would actually have the opportunity to teach.  So far, this job was almost too easy.

*ROS - Augustus Thaytowski attempts to make friends with Robin Harris

(I probably should have done this at the Harris's house, since there's so much going on at the school lot, that it was hard to fit it in.  But in all of the business with the Harris's new baby and new business, I forgot.  I may have to give this scenario another chance next rotation.)

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