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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spring 2001 - Ebadi

Spring 2001 - Simdays 107-109
Jessica Ebadi (28), Bryce Ebadi (3), Bridget Ebadi (3)

The D'Sims aren't the only family with twins.  For Jessica Ebadi being a mother of new twins has the extra challenge of also being a single mother.  Knowing that she wouldn't be able to do it all on her own, Jessica hired a nanny soon after the twins were born.

Nanny Autumn came highly recommended by the Harrises, but Jessica wasn't totally impressed with her at their first meeting.

The nanny's personality left something to be desired, but she was very good with the children, responsible, attentive, and careful in the kitchen.  Jessica hired her to work during her normal working hours, even though she planned to use her vacation days and take time off while the babies were small.  The very first day Autumn came to the house, Jessica skipped the carpool and took the opportunity to take a much needed nap and catch up on a few phone calls while Autumn watched the babies.

In addition to the nanny's help, Jessica had the help of a few unofficial babysitters.  Her students would occasionally drop by to see their teacher's new babies.  The girls especially enjoyed loving on the little ones.

Jessica appreciated having an extra pair of arms to hold one of the babies while she fed the other.

The girls were glad to help and Jessica was glad to have the help, so she could take time to love on each of her children and enjoy the time when they were small before it passed.

Of course, teens will be teens and not always so helpful and responsible.

"Charlotte Platz!  Stop swinging on that refrigerator door before you break it off the hinges!"

The infant days did pass quickly and more easily than Jessica had expected.  She was so grateful to have babies that slept well and for the most part stayed on the same schedule, except when nanny Autumn interfered.  The nanny seemed to think the twins should be on different sleeping and eating schedules, so that each one could get more individual attention.  That was one major point she and Jessica differed on.

The time passed quickly and before Jessica knew it, her babies were toddlers.  Adorable toddlers.  Bridget had inherited her mother's lovely, soft features and Bryce was favoring his father more and more every day, except for the light skin and brown hair he inherited from his mother.

For Jessica, being the mother of toddlers seemed even more demanding than being the mother of infants.  There didn't seem to be enough hours in the day to meet their wants and needs.

But she did her best and was devoted to being the best mother that she possibly could.

There were times when she wondered if she was making the right decisions for her and her children.  Her relationship with their father had been brief.  He had been a prominent citizen in Eden, a much older gentleman, and a confirmed bachelor.  Their relationship wasn't official, but when she found out it wasn't exclusive, she was heartbroken.  She decided to leave town and make the move to New Eden with some of the younger residents, those that were closer to her own age and make a fresh start.  It was only after she made the move that she discovered she was pregnant.  She didn't tell the father, her former lover. 

Sometimes she wondered if that was the right thing or the wrong thing to do.  She knew if he knew about the twins, he would do the responsible thing and help with them, at least financially, maybe in other ways as well.  But she didn't want him to want to be with her because of them.  Even though she was furious with him for the way he treated her, a part of her still loved him.  She didn't know how she would handle her feelings if she saw him again and decided it might be best to just focus on her children for now and forming true friendships.

She truly appreciated the new friendships she was forming in New Eden, with sims like college student, Genesis Sartor, who offered to stop by and lend a hand with the babies.

Sometimes, even when you do your best, something slips through the cracks.  For Jessica, it was the bills that she simply forgot to pay because she was preoccupied with caring for the babies.

She had the money in the bank, but didn't get the check in the mail and got an unwelcome visit from the repo man.  Next time, she vowed, she'd pay better attention to the due date.

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  1. Ouch, too bad about the bills. I wonder who the twins' father is.