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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jr / Sr High - Summer Camp 2001

Jr. / Sr. High School - Summer Camp 2001 - Simday 108
Maia Hayes, Sofia Hartman -11th grade, Violet Cormier, Owen Rossi, Geneva Rossi - 9th grade, Augustus Thaytowski, Bryan Carson, Sierra Thaytowski - 8th grade, Charlotte Platz - 7th grade

The students were up bright and early to take the bus to camp and arrived there just before dawn, excited and full of energy to start the day.  The camp leaders, Rich and Tosha Cormier, gave the kids some time to socialize and get settled to their new environment, before starting the day's lessons.

Augustus was looking forward to the astronomy section.  He really hoped they'd be able to look at stars and planets.

The students were enjoying spending time socializing, but it was time to get to work.  Rich and his new wife, Tosha, who had volunteered to help with the semester, had to get the students' attention and get them focused on the planned activities for the day.

Tosha, an oceanologist by profession, took half of the students to the lake to catch fish and take a survey of the local aquatic life.

Rich tried to get the other students started on searching for insects.

As you would expect with a group of teenagers, it takes awhile to get everyone focused on the activities they're supposed to be focused on, instead of on socializing.

Owen:  "Hey, Sierra.  Want to be my new bff and buddy up with me during camp?"

Sierra: "Uhh . . . Sorry, I don't think so."

But soon, everyone was participating.

The morning was going well, until Violet stumbled upon a hive of bees that swarmed around her

and Sierra.

Violet wasn't feeling well.  Suffering from a lingering bout of food poisoning and being chased by bees was just too much for her to take.

So, she asked to be excused and went to the infirmary to lay down and rest for the rest of the morning.

Tosha was very pleased with the variety of fish that she was finding in the lake.

Some of the students were having better luck catching fish than others.

By mid-morning, Rich headed inside the main cabin to make lunch for the hungry campers.

Sierra: "I can't wait for next semester.  We're going to study art and a real artist is going to help teach us.  I think it's going be to really fun."

Instead of coming inside for lunch, Sofia, Geneva, and Maia decided to play some kickybag outside instead.

Their game was interrupted when it started to rain. 

Rich: "You'd better come inside, girls, until it stops raining."

Rich: "What?  What are you looking at?"

No one could miss the contented smile he had on his face since he and Tosha got married.  None of his students remembered seeing Mr. Cormier so happy.

Violet: "My brother - uh, Mr. Cormier, did a good job making these sandwiches, didn't he?  They're really good."

Sierra is definitely not the type of girl who would have a crush on her teacher. 

Geneva is intriged by one of the empty cabins on the opposite side of the camp.  There's something strange about it, that she can't put her finger on.  While they others were inside eating, she just stood outside and stared at the empty building.

After lunch, since it's still raining inside, the group gathers in the main cabin, while Tosha gives a talk about nature.

Tosha: "I'm not really a public speaker, but I'll do my best."

Tosha talks about the importance of taking care of the environment and choosing actions that are environmentally responsible like recycling.

And she discusses how pollution caused by industry can damage the habitats of native species.

Some of the students are noticably distracted with Tosha is speaking.  They can't keep their eyes from wandering to the window and are dismayed that the rain doesn't seem to be letting up.

As Tosha finishes speaking, Rich does a quick headcount and notices that one student is missing.  Geneva spent much of the speach in the ladies room, primping in the mirror.

The students take turns showing off their finds for the day.  Sofia had the worst luck of the day. Not lucky or skilled at fishing, all she had to show for the morning was a boot.

The other students did well, with either a fish or the beginning of a bug collection to share.

Geneva somehow managed to have a little of both.

She shows off her bug collection to Tosha, who seems to be impressed with what Geneva has found so far.

Once the students are left alone with no activities to keep them occupied and out of trouble, Bryan and Sierra go at it again.

Bryan seems genuinely bothered by the tensions between them, but Sierra seems unfazed.  She turns around to gossip with Sofia while Bryan cries over the exchange.

Sofia takes off for her afternoon job.  She has an audition scheduled.  Rich notices how upset Bryan is and decides it's time to step in and do something about this problem.

He calls Bryan and Sierra over and sits down with the both of them.

Rich: "This fighting between the two of you has gotten way out of hand.  The two of you don't have to be the best of friends, but what is it going to take for you two to get along, at least during school hours?"

Neither one answered, instead choosing to shrug and look away.

Rich: "I think we need to figure out what started this problem between the two of you.  Sometimes conflicts like this can start when two young sims actually like each other, but don't know how to handle their feelings."

Sierra: "Ew, yuck!"

Bryan: "No way."

Rich: "Alright, then let's try a different approach.  Let's see if there's anything you have in common.  Sierra, what's something you like or are interested in that you think Bryan might like too?"

Sierra: "Well, I think robots are pretty neat.  I saw a movie on TV last weekend about them that was kind of interesting."

Bryan: "You like robots?  Robots are the coolest thing around, except for maybe aliens.  Aliens are really cool."

Sierra: "I like aliens.  Lately I've been into anything sci fi."

Bryan was impressed.  A girl who liked robots and aliens?  Maybe Sierra wasn't so bad after all.

While Rich works on geting Bryan and Sierra to get along, the other students are free to explore the nature center.

Or just play around in the nature center, since it's too wet and rainy to do anything outside.

Violet: "You know, I'm really glad you and Rich got married.  You're a pretty cool sister-in-law."

By evening time, the rain let up.  It was still too cloudy for stargazing, but not too wet to start a campfire.

Augustus seems fascinated with what he learned about fish during camp and talks about the fish he observed in the nature center's fish tank.

Meanwhile Owen comes in contact with a different form of wildlife as a wolf wanders into the camp.

Tosha: "Maia, I don't think that attire is appropriate.  You need to go back inside and put your clothes on."

Maia: "Oops, sorry.  I got undressed to go to bed, but when I heard there was a campfire outside, I got excited and forgot to change.  I'll be right back."

The students sit around the fire talking about what they'd learned over the course of the day about the environment and helping the planet, while Owen talks to Tosha.

Owen: "How did you get your job as an oceanographer?"

Tosha: "I worked really hard in school and made sure I kept my grades up then I went on to college and studied biology."

Rich noticed it first, the clouds were getting darker and a few light raindops were starting to fall.  Then the rain started to fall harder and the others started to notice it too.

Rich: "Sorry, kids.  We'd better cut the campfire short and go back inside."

As Rich put out the campfire and rounded up the kids, Augustus and Owen exchanged some playful punches.  Geneva kind of envied them.  Sometimes she secretly wished she could be one of the boys.

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