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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer 2001 - Cormier

Summer 2001 - Simdays 107-109
Rich Cormier (25), Tosha Go (25), Violet Cormier (14 1/2)

Tosha and Rich's big day was coming soon.  After dating since they were in college, they were finally going to get married.  As the date approached, Tosha was growing more and more nervous about the upcoming nuptials.  Yes, she loved Rich and he loved her.  He was a good, responsible man who was dedicated both to his job as an educator and to his family, which was evidenced by how he had taken in his little sister and tried to get her on the right track.  They had a lot in common and wanted the same things, but still she had doubts.  She and Rich both wanted to get married, but she wondered if they really wanted to get married to each other or if they just wanted to get married period.

Rich: "Is everything alright, Tosha?"

Tosha: "Fine.  I'm just thinking about the wedding.  There's still a lot to plan and not a lot of time."

Rich: "You have the day off today, don't you?  Why don't you call up a few friends and head downtown to do some shopping?  It might be more fun and go faster if you made a day of it."

Tosha took his advice and decided to see if Sophie and Robin wanted to shop for dresses with her.

Sophie: "So what are we looking for?  What do you have in mind?"

Tosha: "I'm not sure exactly, but I'm picturing dresses that are long and flowing.  I know you and Robin just had babies recently, so you'd probably want to wear something that's flattering and not too figure hugging."

Sophie: "What's that supposed to mean?  I think we're both in good shape for new mothers.  In fact in great shape, better than a lot of sims."

Tosha: "No, I didn't mean- I think you look fine.  Great.  I was just thinking..."

Sophie: "I'll have you know that I am a professional athlete and I work out everyday.  And Robin's husband runs a dance studio and gym out of their home, so I don't think our figures are the one's you should be worried about.  In fact, I don't think I really have time for this.  So if you'll excuse me, just count me out.  I have other things I should be doing."

Tosha stood dumbfounded as Sophie walked away.  Then her face turned a deep red.  She'd really put her foot in her mouth that time.

Robin walked over and gave some encouraging words.  "Don't worry about it, Tosha.  Sophie has been in a terrible mood lately.  She's been working really hard to keep up in her career and the baby's not letting her sleep enough.  Don't take it personally.  I bet by tomorrow, she'll call you up and apologize."

Tosha: "I hope so.  I didn't mean anything.  I should've just kept my mouth shut."

Winston: "Hi, Robin.  Hi, Tosha.  What are you ladies up to today?'

Robin: "We're going shopping for Tosha's wedding dress.  Say, you're in the know when it comes to entertainment and celebs.  What are the big stars wearing these days?"

As Winston and Robin talked, Tosha couldn't help noticing how handsome and dashing Winston was.  Not that Rich wasn't handsome, he was very handsome, but Winston seemed so cultured and worldly.  She wondered what it would be like to be with someone like him.

Tosha: "Thanks for the fashion advice, Winston.  We'll be sure to keep it in mind while we're shopping."

Winston: "No, problem.  Good luck.  I hope you find what you're looking for."

Robin and Tosha hurried inside the dress shop, just as the sky clouded over and a few light rain drops began to fall.

Robin: "I can't believe it's raining out.  Well, it's better to get the rain now and save the sunshine for your wedding day."

Tosha: "I hope it doesn't rain on our wedding.  We're planning on having it outside.  There's not really enough room in the house."

Robin: "I have no doubt the weather will cooperate with you.  I'm sure it will be a perfect day."

As she browsed the clothing racks, Tosha couldn't help noticing Winston from the corner of her eye.  She was a little disappointed that he didn't seem to notice her at all.  He was too busy dancing to the piped in store music with Heather Huffington

or chatting with Robin.  She really couldn't help noticing the special attention he seemed to pay to Robin. Didn't he know she was a happily married woman?  Tosha shook those thoughts from her mind.  She was about to be a happily married woman herself soon.  She shouldn't be fantasizing about other men.  It was just a silly crush, not even that.  It was just silliness.

As she tried on dresses, Tosha's mind began to focus again.  She was going to get married soon to the man that she loved.  She was going to be a beautiful bride and an even happier wife.  And if they were lucky, maybe before too long she would be a new mother as well.  She and Rich were going to have a beautiful life together and were going to make a beautiful family and that was all that really mattered.

By the time the big day arrived, Tosha's cold feet were gone and Sophie had gotten over being annoyed with her.  Sophie not only came to the wedding, but took a seat in the front row.

As Robin had predicted it was a gorgeous, sunny day without a cloud in the sky as Tosha and Rich's closest friends and family gathered on the side lawn for the ceremony to watch the couple exchange rings

and share their first kiss as husband and wife.

As she grabbed a dessert from the buffet table, Tosha noticed love was in the air for more than just her and Rich.  Rich's little sister and her schoolmate, Bryan Carson, were looking at each other with loving looks in their eyes.

The exchange between the teens were also noticed by Rich as well.  As big brother, he kept a close watch on the pair, just in case Violet needed a protective older brother close by.

After the ceremony, it was time to crank up the music.  The guests seemed to have a good time dancing to the music.

While the groom joined in on the dance floor, the bride headed inside to chat with the guests who were enjoying the buffet.

Tosha: "Oh, Jessica.  I can't believe the repo man was called to your house.  Are you having trouble making the bills now that you aren't the boarding school's housemother anymore?"

Jessica: "No, it's not that.  I just got so busy with the twins, that I didn't think about when the bills were due.  I can't believe I got so far behind."

Jimmy:  "It could happen to any of us."

Tosha: "Rich told me that Lara Hartman has been standing in as housemother for the boarding school kids.  He seems to think she's doing a pretty good job.  What do you think of her?"

Jessica: "I think she's doing well.  I'm just so glad she was able to stand in, so I could take off from work.  There is no way I could have handled two babies and a houseful of teens.  Luckily, we've got a more permanent replacement coming to New Eden soon.  I can't wait to meet Hope.  I don't know a lot about her, but I've been chatting online with her brother for awhile and he's very nice."

Jimmy: "Chatting online, huh?  So do you think there will be wedding bells in your near future too?"

Jessica flushed a deep red.  "I don't know about that.  I mean, we've just been chatting as friends so far.  He just had a baby too and his wife left the family before the baby was born.  It's just been nice to have someone to talk to who is doing it alone, like I am.  Beyond that, I don't know where it's going."

The Cormier's wedding party went by in a flash and ended more quickly than either of them would have liked, but it was a perfect wedding and neither of them could have hoped for anything better.

After the guests were gone, the newlywed couple headed upstairs to relax in their own bedroom and spend a little time alone.  They chatted awhile about their plans for teaching the summer semester together and leading the nature study at this year's summer camp.

Then, turned in for the night.  It had been a long day and even though it was their wedding night, sleep seemed more desirable than romance tonight.

The spring semester hadn't been a good one for Violet.  She was struggling with her grades.  She had fallen so far behind when she was in elementary school back in Eden, that she was beginning to think she would never catch up to the other students.  She hated having the worst grades in the entire school and was so discouraged that she just wanted to give up.

Rich was also getting discouraged with his little sister's failing grades.  He knew Violet had the desire to learn and the potential was there, but somehow she wasn't making the grade.  It was embarrassing for him, as a teacher, to have a sister under his care who wasn't reaching her full potential.  So during the break between the spring and summer semesters, Rich sat down with Violet every day and tutored her.  She hated it, but it had to be done and they managed to get her caught up in every subject that she'd fallen behind on before the summer semester started.  Rich knew he just had to keep prodding her and keep her motivated.

Rich: "You won't to go to college, don't you?  Because you won't be able to go with those grades."

Violet: "Yeeessss . . .  I know." 

She really did want to go to college, even though her work in high school didn't show it.

After her tutoring session, Violet would head outside and take sometime to enjoy herself and take advantage of the little freetime she had in summer, by catching fireflies.

Once her work was caught up, she decided to invite some girls from school over.  It was kind of lonely being the only kid in the house and she really wanted to make more friends.

Violet, Sierra, and Geneva practiced cheerleading routines in the yard.  The girls thought it was hilarious when their teacher, Mr. Cormier, joined in.

Then they sat down at lunch and had a more serious discussion.

Sierra: I thought the last hood meeting was really interesting.  I'm glad they let us sit in, even though we're just teens.  Maybe in a year or two, they'll even let us talk in front of everyone.  What kind of issues would you two want to talk about if they let us?

Violet: "I think it's important to do everything we can to make this a peaceful hood.  We want this to be a happy and peaceful place where we can all get along and live our lives in harmony."

Rich smiled as he listened to the girls talk.  Such serious talk for such young sims.  He was proud of them for being so civic minded and not just preoccupied with frivolous things like boys and music and clothes.

He wasn't as proud of himself, for what he was thinking about.  He was anxious for Tosha to get home, so they could get started on a project of their own.  They both wanted to have a baby.  It was something they were both thinking about and had talked about before they were even married. So far they hadn't had any luck getting pregnant, but he was eager to keep trying.

In the evening, Bryan stopped by to see Violet.  He wasn't happy to see Sierra there and the tension between them erupted yet again.

Rich stepped in to put a stop to it. 

Rich: "Bryan, Sierra.  It's time for both of you to go home now.  I won't have fighting in my house and if I see you two at it again, you won't be allowed back.  We're going to have a talk when school starts again.  I don't want to have these disruptions at school either and if you can't get along, there will be serious consequences."

After the teens were gone, he decided to talk with Violet about something that was on his mind.

Rich: "Vi, I have to ask you something.  What do you think about me and Tosha being married?"

Violet: "I think it's pretty cool.  I like Tosha."

Rich: "You don't mind having another member of the household?"

Violet: "No, not at all."

Rich: "I'm glad.  I want you to be happy here.  I don't want to let you forget this is your home too, as much as mine and Tosha's."

Rich: "I don't want it to be awkward for you having us both teaching summer camp together this year."

Violet: "I don't think it will be. I won't mind."
Rich: "I'm going to keep helping you with your school work as well.  We're going to make the next semesters better and we're going to find a way to keep you from falling behind again."

Violet: "Do we really have to talk about school?  It's bad enough your my brother and my teacher.  Can't a girl get a break?"

To ease her brother's worries, Violet spent the evening hanging out with Tosha.  It was a hot summer's night, so they put on their swimsuits and had a water balloon fight in the backyard.  Violet had to admit, Tosha was a pretty cool sister-in-law.

Once Violet was in bed for the night, Rich and Tosha headed up to their bedroom to work on that project of their own.  Maybe tonight would be the night to get started on expanding their family.

*ROS - Tosha contemplates having an affair with Winston Crabtree. 

(I have my ROS set up with two names, for events like these, just in case I need a target sim. I think this event worked for Tosha, because she and Rich both had the general want to get married, but not specifically to marry each other.  Tosha was rolling up a bunch of wants for Winston at the shops, friendly things like playing and telling jokes and appreciating him, but no romantic wants rolled up and ACR wasn't kicking in.  Winston was really more interested in drooling over Robin, so nothing actually happened.  She just considered it.)


  1. I like that your ROS has where the sim can consider the idea.

    Poor Violet, I hope he remembers that he's brother first and teacher second.

  2. Thanks. When I started typing out ideas for ROS I tried to make a mix of gameplay events and storytelling prompts. I'm considering using it for AH too if I get low on ideas or just want some randomness to mix things up. I think I have a more direct "have an affair" option too.