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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jr/Sr High - Spring Semester 2001

Spring 2001 - Simday 107
Maia Hartman, Sofia Hayes - 11th grade, Violet Cormier, Owen Rossi, Geneva Rossi - 9th grade, Bryan Carson, Augustus Thaytowski - 8th grade, Charlotte Platz, Sierra Thaytowski - 7th grade

Students at the new Jr. / Sr. High School had a few days of orientation before the first official semester.  The orientation gave the students a chance to meet their fellow classmates and teachers and gave the boarding students a chance to get settled in before classes officially started. 

As one would expect, some students hit it off better than others.

Sierra: "I can see right through you, you know.  Everyone knows what type you are, Bryan Carson, and I don't like guys who play games."

Bryan: "Whatever, like I care what you think.  I was just trying to be nice to you.  Sheesh.  Don't worry, it won't happen again."

Bryan wasn't having much luck with the girls, at least not Sierra or Sofia.

Sofia: "You shouldn't talk about other people behind their backs.  It isn't very nice."

Bryan starts to wonder why girls are so hard to talk to.

Owen Rossi, on the other hand, seemed to be a natural with the ladies.

At least when it came to Charlotte Platz.  The school year hadn't officially started yet and the pair was already an item.  Unofficially, anyway.  There were rumors that Charlotte had also been flirting around with Augustus Thaytowski.

Poor Maia Hartman starts to feel homesick before the orientation period is over.  She uses the phone in the principal's office to call her dad and tells him she wants to come home.  She doesn't like living in the boarding house away from him.  He convinces her to stick it out for at least one semester and if she still doesn't like it they can figure out something else.

Teacher, Rich Cormier, was especially excited about the first day of classes.  The students gathered in the morning in the classroom for a lecture on the physical sciences, focusing on chemistry.

Then they went downstairs to the lab to get some hands on practice with chemical experiments.  Rich and Jessica grouped the students in pairs, so that the students who were stronger in logic and mechanical abilities could help those who were less experienced.  At the end, they made the rounds to check the students' work.

After the chemistry lab was over, the students were granted a break before lunch time.  The girls gathered in the bathroom, where they could hang out and talk without the boys overhearing.

Violet: I really wish I was good at something.  I'd like to be recognized and win an award someday, in anything.

Sierra: I'm sure you will.  You just have to find out what you're most talented at doing and go for it.

The boys chose to hang out in the chem lab.

Bryan: So you and that Sierra girl have the same last name, right?  Are you brother and sister?

Augustus: No, we're cousins, but she's kind of like my sister.  We grew up in the same house.  Our dads are brothers and they decided to share a house after they graduated.  What's your family like?

Bryan: I don't know.  My parents died when I was a baby, so I don't remember them.

Augustus:  Oh, I'm sorry.

Bryan: It's no big deal. 

Augustus: Want to go upstairs and see what's for lunch?

After a short break, students and teachers gather in the cafeteria for lunch.  Bryan is disgusted when he finds out that they only unclaimed seat is next to Sierra, but he reluctantly sits down anyway.

By the time lunch is finished, the school day is almost over.  Sofia has to leave to go to an audition and the rest of the students are free to pursue school activities of their choosing.

Geneva Rossi decides to try the swimming and diving team and proves to be a natural on the diving board.  Her parents' indoor swimming pool at their old house in Eden gave her plenty of practice.

Charlotte and Violet head to the gym to shoot hoops.

Jessica checks in on the girls after supervising Geneva's swim session.

Charlotte: "I can't wait until next semester. I'm really looking forward to summer camp.  What kinds of things will we do there."

Jessica: "I won't be going, but Mr. Cormier's fiancee is an oceanographer and she's going along to help him lead you all in a nature study.  I think you'll be looking at fish, and hunting for bugs, and birdwatching."

Charlotte: "I wish you could go too, Miss Ebadi."

Jessica: "So do I, but maybe next summer when the babies are older I'll be able to go.  Speaking of the babies, I should get home to relieve the nanny.  I'll see you later, Charlotte.  Bye, Violet."

As Miss Ebadi leaves, Violet approaches Charlotte.

Violet: "You are so good at talking to people, Charlotte.  I wish I was better at meeting people and making friends."

Charlotte: "It's easy, just be yourself and don't be afraid to just walk up to someone and say hi."

Violet: "I can do that.  But then what?"

Charlotte: "I don't know.  Maybe invite them to go do something fun."

Violet: "Like get an ice cream sundae?"

Charlotte: "Sure.  Sounds like a good plan . . . I think I'm going to go change and see what the boys are doing."

Charlotte finds Augustus playing computer games.  She's annoyed when he won't stop paying attention to his game long enough to pay attention to her and even more annoyed when Geneva tries to butt in and start spreading gossip about other sims.

All of the teasing and annoying between Bryan and Sierra comes to a head in the auditorium where a few students are watching movies.  Maia is appalled at seeing the argument turn physical.  She seriously doubts whether this is the type of school she wants to be enrolled in.

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