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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer 2001 - Harris

Summer 2001 - Simday 107-109
Robin Harris (24), Gregory Harris (24), Melody Harris (2)

For Robin and Gregory Harris, life was in a really good place.  Robin was back to work at the law firm and serving her first term as hood president.  Gregory was performing on stage with a small dance troop and his home dance and fitness studio was taking off, especially since the hood had officially signed the business deal.  They had a brand new baby girl who they loved and they were just as in love with each other as they had ever been.

Gregory was glad that he was able to run his dance and fitness studio at home, so he could be close by for Melody while Robin was at work.  But since the business was just taking off, the couple decided it would be a good idea to hire a nanny to help out, so Gregory could focus on his business and not have to worry about leaving Melody unattended in the house.

The business was really taking off.  The first day they were open several sims dropped by to work out on the ballet bars or follow Gregory in an aerobic dance routine.  Then in the evening, after Robin was home from the office, Gregory would head out to perform with the dance troupe.

Robin was surprised to recieve a phone call from Ivy First on her day off.  She hadn't seen or spoken to Ivy since she had moved to New Eden.

She was thrilled to share what was new with her old friend and excited to tell Ivy all about the new addition to the family.

Before they knew it, it was time for Melody's first birthday party.  Robin kept Melody up late, so Gregory could be home from his performance to celebrate with them.

Too tired to even stay up for a piece of cake, Gregory said a quick, "happy birthday" to his daughter and "good night, see you in the morning" to his wife and went to bed.

Robin marveled at how much her daughter grew right before her eyes.  She could tell her little girl was going to be a beauty.

Robin could not spend enough time with her little girl.  She wanted to read to her, even when the toddler would rather play with her toys.

Robin was glad to have a couple of days off, over the weekend, to dote on Melody. 

She knew she would be a busy mother, because of her responsibilities with her career and with being hood president, but she wanted to make sure she never forgot to take time to have fun with her daughter and show her she is loved.

In the afternoon, while Melody was taking her nap, Robin decided to take advantage of the fitness equipment in the gym right next to the house and got started on working off her extra baby weight.  She had fun watching the guys do their aerobics routine.  She was surprised that superstar, Gareth Thayer, who should be accoustomed to being on stage in front of thousands of sims, seemed so self-conscious about dancing, while James McMillian, seemed to have no inhibitions about letting loose.

After a quick session on the exercycle, Robin went inside to get Melody up from her nap.  Charlotte Platz followed her in from the gym, angrily.  She had a complaint to make about the business and wanted to be heard.

Robin:  "My bed?  You don't like my bed?  I'm sorry, but who asked you?  You aren't supposed to be in here anyway.  This isn't part of the studio.  So unless you have something important to say, get out of here.  I'm much to busy for this."

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