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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer 2001 - McMillian

Summer 2001 - Simday 107-109
James McMillian (33)

James McMillian hasn't been having much with the ladies in person.

So he ended up connecting with someone online.

She was a college student, and a little young for James, but she seemed nice and intelligent and they seemed to like and dislike the same things.

After having a few good chats, James decided to invite his new friend, Genesis, to meet for brunch.  He was a little confused when she brought a guy along with her, one of her college roommates, but realized it was probably smart of her to bring someone with her when meeting a stranger she'd met online for the first time.

Their first meeting went well.  Genesis was funny,

and smart,

and attractive.  He was relieved that they got along as well in person as they did online.

The next time they met, James met her at her place.  He did have an alterior motive for wanting to go to the college campus.  He had been commissioned to redesign the school buildings in New Eden, so he wanted to check out the exisiting dorms and find out what the students liked and disliked about student housing.

He found many students were concerned about the environment and the ecological impact of their housing.  He could see that he would need to think green while planning the new student housing.

He also ran into teacher Jessica Ebadi at the dorm, who was concerned with how growing student enrollment would be handled in the lower grades.  James made a note to look into projected enrollment rates and plan accordingly in his designs.

When James finally caught up with Genesis in the dorm's common area, she couldn't resist teasing him.

Genesis: "It's about time.  I was beginning to think you just came over to work and not spend time with me."

James: "No way . . . I'm here to do both.  What are you watching?  Isn't this a kid's movie?"

Genesis: "No, not necessarily.  The Fairy Queen and the Missing Toadstool is fun for anybody.  Besides the animation in it is fantastic.  I'm taking an animation class this semester, so watching this is like studying."

James: "And you were acting like I was too focused on my work."

Genesis: "Ok, you got me there."

Being a bachelor has its perks.  There's no one around to see you or complain if you decide you'd rather take a quick spongebath in the kitchen sink before work instead of going all the way upstairs to shower.

But James did see the benefit of shaping up and making his home a more appealing place to be.  It was better to move towards making his home more sophisticated and less college party house turned bachelor pad.  While working on his first major project in New Eden, redesigning the new art gallery, he struck up a friendship with art director, Fawn Thayer.  They came up with a deal to trade his architecture skills for her interior design skills and artistic eye. After he finished the art museum, she would help him redecorate his house.

James only had the funds to start with one room, the living room, but he thought Fawn did a fabulous job.  He was so thrilled, he couldn't stop complimenting her.  In fact, he found himself thinking about her a lot.

He and Genesis were growing closer all the time,

but he couldn't help being concerned about the age difference between them.  She still seemed so young.  Fawn, on the other hand, was much closer to his age, more sophisticated and mature.  He found her very attractive.  But he knew Fawn was already involved with someone else and that she wasn't the type to settle down.  She might not mind seeing him on the side, but he would mind.

James was in no rush to make any permanent decisions about his love life.  Instead, he decided, it would be better to continue focusing on his professional life and let his love life fall into place on its own.

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