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Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Eden University - Spring Semester 2001

New Eden University - Spring Semester 2001
Chase Platz - sophomore / Joy London, Felicity London - freshmen

New Eden University opened for it's first semester in the spring of 2001 with three students from New Eden enrolled. 

Chase Platz is a transfer student from Eden State College and starts his career at NEU as a sophomore.  As a teen he wanted to work in the intelligence field when he grew up.  The romance of spy novels and movies caught his attention and he thought it would be great to be like one of the dashing secret agents he read about and watched on the screen.

His classmates and roommates were the London girls.  Twin sisters who were starting out as freshman, excited for their first college experience at NEU. 

It's difficult to imagine two sisters as different as Joy and Felicity.  Joy is the older of the two, born just before her sister.  In looks she favors their father with light skin and dark blue eyes.  She likes to keep busy, likes to play and joke around with her closest friends and family.  Around people she doesn't know, she's more subdued.  She doesn't mind taking the backseat and let her sister do the talking.  Joy is the type who wants to be nice and get along with everybody.  She would be anybody's friend.

No one would ever mistake Joy and Felicity for identical twins.  While Joy favors the girls' father, Felicity has mostly their mother's traits, dark skin and brown eyes.  Her personality is also very different from her sister's.  Felicity is not afraid to speak up and speak her mind, whether the sim listening likes what she has to say or not.  Like her sister, she likes to joke and have fun, but she also likes to learn.  She doesn't have Joy's energy to keep busy and get things done.  Honestly, she'd rather spend a day on the couch watching movies, while Joy would rather be out doing something like swimming or tossing a ball.  It drives her crazy, sometimes, when Joy doesn't bother to pick up after herself and leaves messes around the house while she's out playing around or making friends, but Felicity wouldn't be bothered to clean up after her sister.  She likes things neat, but would rather have someone else do the work.

 In the summer after high school, before college, the girls responded to an ad on the SUN boards about a model search show that was going to be produced in another hood.  Joy is the one who is interested in entertainment and becoming a star, but Felicity was the one who called about the audition, knowing her sister could use the extra encouragement to go for it.  They were selected to be on the show, but unfortunately, it was cancelled before they could arrange a flight out of Eden, so they decided to start college in New Eden instead.

For the first semester, the students lived in off-campus housing as the hood experimented with having students commute to classes from the main hood instead of living in a separate university terrain.

Whenever there's a mixed group of young adults, it's expected that romance is bound to happen.  Joy and Chase had flirted as teens.  At last summer's Aerial Bionic concert, she felt like they had made a real connection.  She went home after the show, feeling like she had fallen in love.

Now, in the kitchen of their first college residence, Felicity was starting to see what her sister had seen in Chase when they were younger and couldn't resist seeing what it would be like to kiss him, herself.

Joy, obviously isn't the jealous type. They were too young to be getting seriously involved or thinking about pairing up and settling down.  Their lives were just starting.  Now is the time to just have fun being young.

Living off campus seemed to be too conductive to having fun.  It was too easy to forget about why they were here.  Not even Felicity, who was the most interested in learning, seemed very motivated about school.

When the college dean noticed all three students were skipping classes and not completing assignments, she made a surprise visit to the house to have a chat with them. 

When she found Chase unresponsive and uncooperative, she took a firmer, more direct approach with Felicity.

The visit scared Joy into shape . . . sort of.  She knew she needed to start getting her assignments completed, so she enlisted the help of a new friend to get her grades back on track.  That wasn't what the Dean quite had in mind.

Since the students' interest and progress in academics was lacking.  The college thought it would be better to discontinue off-campus housing for the next semester and see if that would help keep the students focused on school.

Hopefully living on campus would also help the trio increase their social circle,

because all three of them would surely benefit from knowing other sims in their age group, instead of spending so much time with just each other.

Living off campus, simply gave too many outside distractions.  If moving to a traditional college setting didn't help improve these students' studies, it might be time to question whether or not the continuing college was really for them.


  1. Whoa...those sisters share everything don't they ;P Goodness, Chase is getting around, huh. I think maybe they should move off campus...expand their horizons.

  2. That's exactly what I thought too. He would woohoo with one and then the other immediately after. It was creeping me out. Moving to campus did make a huge change.