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Friday, July 30, 2010

Spring 2001 - Crabtree

Spring 2001 - Simdays 107-109 - Winston Crabtree (31), Fawn Thayer (33)

Winston Crabtree is a busy man.  When he's not working at the foreign embassy, he's working from home, managing the careers of several different actors and singers or giving financial advice online to earn extra simoleons.  He enjoys what he does and could not imagine not working as hard as he does.

His clients know his phone line is always open if they need to give him a call.  For Winston there is no such thing as non-office hours.  He often takes calls at home from his clients and sometimes the stage mothers of his younger clients and he's always happy to give his professional opinion when anyone needs his advice.

"I think you should pass on the soda commercial, Sofia.  It might be below your talents. I think you should focus on more highbrow offers and start promoting yourself as a serious artist."

"I do have something else for you to look into.  I think you should audition for this new scifi movie that's coming up.  I think one of the parts could be perfect for you. I think it could be a really good opportunity."

Sometimes, even for Winston, the daily grind can start to get to you and after coming home from a rough day at the embassy, Winston knows when he needs to take some time in the evening to relax . . .

enjoy a nice warm, bubble bath . . .

 work out a little of his frustrations on his home exercise machine . . . 

and invite a very good friend over for a fun, relaxing evening at home.

Neither Winston nor Fawn were interested in defining their relationship.  The got along well and were good friends and were very attracted to each other, for sure, but Winston wasn't sure he was really in love with her and he knew she wasn't the type to commit.  She was too much of a free spirit to be tied down to one man and he was too focused on his career ambitions to really devote himself enough to any woman the way she would deserve.

Yet, he found himself thinking of her often.  He could hardly meet with his client, Gareth, without thinking about his sister.  He hoped that wasn't obvious to Gareth.  He didn't want things to get awkward with one of his most successful current clients.

It wasn't just about the sex between them though.  One day, as Winston was calling in late to the embassy, Fawn just happened to drop in and he decided to just call in sick and make a day of it.

Fawn made herself at home and played around on Winston's piano while he answered a few calls from clients.  He was impressed with how well she played.

"Musical talent must run in the family or are you just good at all things that require creativity?"

"No, Gareth is the musician in the family.  I'd much rather paint or sculpt any day.  You should drop by the studio and let me paint your portrait sometime."

"Only if you give me some piano lessons sometime.  I think some of my clients are embarrassed of how badly I play."

Cooking is also not one of Winston's areas of expertise, but he can manage to put together a couple of  sandwiches, so he and Fawn can share a late lunch together.

"How do you like living in New Eden so far?  Do you like your new house?"

"I do like it.  It's not as nice or as big as yours, but it suits me well, and it's just the right size for me."

"I think it does.  You've decorated it really well.  This house is a little big for one person.  I'll admit I don't need all this space, but it does look good for the clients."

"That is something to think about.  When you're looking to become a big star, you don't want an agent who looks like he's not doing well himself."

"Right.  It's already a challenge to do the kind of work I do from a small town.  Do you ever wish you lived in a bigger city to get more exposure for your art?"

"Sometimes, I think I would.  I do like the culture you find in the city, but I'm not sure I'd like the fast pace of it.  It's kind of nice not to have to work so hard all the time, to just take a slower flow and let the muse come to you."

"I'll have to take your word on that.  I don't know much when it comes to muses."

"Well, what about you then?  I think you seem like the big city type and it seems like you'd do well with your career being where all the action is.  How do like small town life?"

"I always thought I was a city guy, but I do like living in a small town and being in a small community.  It's kind of nice being able to get to know all of your neighbors," Winston paused as he heard his office phone ring.  "Sometimes."


  1. Winston is still keeping himself busy. Is he also involved with the revamped AH?

  2. It depends. If I'm going to treat AH as a TV show in the simworld, then yes, but I'm kind of leaning towards treating it more like a regular sim neighborhood.