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Friday, July 16, 2010

Year 2000 - New Additions: Straight and Harris

"We've all really grown up since our days at Eden State, haven't we?" Gregory Harris commented over lunch with his wife Robin and good friends Chris and Sophie Straight.  Since graduating and moving to New Eden they had started their careers, moved into their own homes, and both couples were about to become parents for the first time.

Even though she was pregnant, Robin was determined to get a jump start on her career at the law firm and worked through the beginning of her pregnancy, for as long as she was allowed to.  Gregory was an appreciative husband and never neglected to give his wife a much needed backkrub after a long day at the office or when the strains of pregnancy gave her a back ache.

When Robin had a craving for fresh fish, Gregory had a  fishing pond built at the side of the house and got out the fishing poles.

"Are you sure fresh fish is really what you want?" Gregory asked when he wasn't having much luck catching anything edible.  "Can't we just order some takeout instead?"

"Let's try a little bit longer," Robin insisted.  "The baby is really craving fish right now.  Besides I read an article today that said fish is a really good food to eat while pregnant.  It helps promote brain development."

"Oh, alright," Gregory in.  "We can try a little longer, but if we don't catch something besides boots soon, I'm calling the pizza guy."


"Good job, honey.  I knew you could do it if you just stayed with it long enough.  Thank you."

"Anything for you and our little one."

Robin was anxious to get back to work as soon as possible after the baby was born.  She wished official labor laws didn't require her to stay home during the second and third trimesters of her pregnancy, but she made the best of it and was glad when Gregory offered to stay home with the baby, if necessary, so she could go back to work.  He could take a few months away from dancing and focus on running his home dance studio, where he would be close at hand if the baby needed him.

Christopher and Sophie decided to spend their time before the baby was born, with their friends.  They knew there wouldn't be much time for socializing after the baby came.

Chris set up a poker table in the basement and had a game night with the guys.

While Sophie and a few of the neighborhood women hung out upstairs in the dining room, taking advantage of the chance for some much needed girl talk.

Sophie reached her due date first.  Late in the night on Wednesday night, simday 106, she gave birth to a little girl.  Welcome to the world, Elsa Straight.

Robin's pregnancy was soon coming to an end as well.  The next day on Thursday, simday 107, Robin went into labor just as she was about to take a shower before bedtime.  Gregory, the anxious new father, was right at her side.

Welcome to the world, another baby girl, Melody Harris.

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