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Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving In: The First Family

Seth and Ivy First are late-comers when it comes to making the move from Eden to New Eden.  At first they declined the opportunity to make the move, Seth hesitant to leave the native hood his grandparents were the original founders of.  But when members of the hood called them again, looking for sims qualified to work in the science and medical field and when they considered the opportunities they would be giving their daughter, Seth and Ivy had a change of heart and decided to make the move after all.

Seth First and Ivy Copur met while in University.  They were both math majors (Seth 3 semesters ahead of Ivy) and lived in the same dormitory,  but they really didn't pay much attention to each other, during those years.

Both were highly focused on their studies and were already dating other sims.  Seth had been seeing Suzanna Carr, while Ivy had started dating Suzanna's younger brother, Jesse, when they were still teens.

After graduation, things changed.  Both couples had started to grow distant as they focused on the demands of university and Seth and Suzanna focused on their starting out in their respective, demanding careers of science and medicine.  During this time Eden had signed the nightlife deal and the advances made in the field of romantic chemistry put a twist in the plans for these couple's futures.

Before either relationship could move to the next level after university, Seth and Ivy met again in the science lab where they both started working after graduation. They couldn't believe they hadn't taken notice of each other sooner, they had so much in common and the chemistry was great. 

It was hard for both of them to let go of the relationships that had been part of their lives since they were kids, but the relationships of high school / college sweethearts had run their course and if they were really honest, they had to admit that they had started to lose interest in maintaining those old relationships long before Seth and Ivy happened to meet again.

When a relationship is right, you just know it.  Even though they felt bad for breaking up with Suzanna and Jesse, they had to follow their hearts.  Seth proposed to Ivy and she accepted.

They were married at Seth's historical family home and lived there with Seth's older sister and their aging mother.

And, a few years later, had a baby girl, Kendra.  Although their previous breakups were amicable, they tried to avoid seeing their exes as much as possible after the wedding, in the interest of avoiding stirring up old jealousies.  It all worked out well as Jesse and Suzanna were free to find their true loves and build wonderful, fulfilling lives for themselves in the hood of Apple Valley.

Seth was glad that he was able to move into an exact replica of his old family home to New Eden.  He looked forward to possibly handing it down to his daughter, Kendra one day. 

They also brought their family cat, Jake, with them, as well as a group of other pets that were sent to the pet adoption agency for other New Eden residents to adopt.

Even though it seemed like they were living in the same house, with many of the same sims as neighbors, there were adjustments to be made to living in a new hood.  Since Seth's sister Enid and her husband chose not to move with them, they lost their live in babysitters and had to hire a nanny. 

They were pleased that the nanny took such good care of Kendra (and Jake) while they were gone, but when her jobs were done, Seth was home from work, and she had time to start playing online poker, Seth decided it was time to send her home for the day.

An active toddler, Kendra didn't seem to require much sleep at a time and her parents found themselves sleeping in shifts so that one of them would be awake in the evening and night hours when she would wake up.

Then when Kendra was fast asleep, the odd sleeping hours would mean that Ivy was wide awake with no one to spend time with.

She missed the days when she could spend time with her husband when they were both awake.  These lonely, sleepless nights made Ivy question whether moving to New Eden was the best thing to do.  She tried to remind herself that it would get better.  Before long Kendra would be old enough to more things for herself and life would seem less demanding.  Besides, she knew that the move would be the best thing for their daughter and give her the best opportunities and education and she and Seth both wanted the best for their daughter.  It was hard now, but it would soon get better.

Kendra seemed to be happy, despite the changes and the new situation.

She and Jake were fond playmates and were soon becoming the best of friends.

Jake the cat seemed to be adjusting to his new home well too.

The first few days in New Eden passed quickly.  Some of it a blur as the family got settled into their new routines, but they didn't let themselves forget that it was time for their baby girl's birthday.  There was no way they wouldn't make time to celebrate this milestone in her life.

The proud papa, Seth congratulated his daughter on taking the next step towards becoming a young lady.  Ivy found herself in shock.  She couldn't believe that her baby was a baby no more.

Also, the supportive husband, Seth gives his wife a comforting hug and tells her that he's proud of her as well.  They've raised a happy, healthy little girl.  Life should be a little easier for them now.

After cake, comes bedtime and as Kendra gets settled in for the night, Ivy and Seth sneak in a little, much needed, alone time.  Now that Kendra is a little older, they hope they'll be able to spend more time together than they have in recent days, unless they're thinking it might be time to start considering having baby number two...


  1. So that's what happened to Jesse and Suzanna's first relationships. That's funny

  2. Yeah, they just didn't show much interest in each other, especially as far as wants go. I think Ivy wanted to get engaged to Jesse, but he didn't have the same want towards her at the same time (or vice versa). I realized as I was looking at old pictures that Seth and Suzanna didn't even have their first kiss until they were adults. Splitting them up messed up my plans at the time, but it obviously wasn't meant to be.