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Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer 2011 - First

Seth (39), Ivy (36), Kendra (9), Jared and Leah (1)

The First household was settled into a nice routine.  As soon as he came home from work, Seth would chow down on whatever leftovers Ivy had made earlier in the day,

then he'd head upstairs to take care of the babies,

so his wife could catch some much needed sleep.

The babies and Ivy in bed, he hoped on the computer to do some research until Kendra got home from school,

then they'd head outside for some one on one, daddy-daughter play time in the front yard,

before it was time for the babies' afternoon feeding.  By then Ivy would be well rested enough to enjoy some time with the family.

If they were lucky, they'd find at least a few moments to let each other know how happy they were to be married to the other.

As she was getting older, Kendra was starting to become more independent.  She was making her own friends at school.  She often invited her best friend, Bridget over.  Bridget was a lot younger, but there weren't really any kids in the hood that were any closer to Kendra's age, so she didn't mind that Bridget was only in first grade, when she was in fourth.

She was also developing her own hobbies as well.

She really enjoyed playing chess and was glad when she could get some special time alone with her mom and dad.

Soon Ivy would be returning to work, so the family had to employ a nanny on a regular basis.  She arrived just in time to change the babies' diapers.

Once the babies were taken care of, she let Kendra entertain herself, and the cat, while she caught up on her favorite soaps.

Kendra was always glad when her parents came home from work at the end of the day.

She couldn't wait to spend time with them.

And they with her.  As she was getting older, it was fun to watch her develop her own interests and grow into the sim she would become in the future.  They could hope for nothing more than for her to remain the sweet girl she is now.


  1. Glad the nanny showed up to get the stinky diapers when she did :)

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