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Friday, August 5, 2011

Spring 2011 - Elementary School

New Eden Elementary 2011 - Elsa Straight - Kindergarten, Bryce and Bridget Ebadi - 1st grade, Lance Huffington - 2nd grade, Kendra First - 4th grade

The subject of study for the elementary school this simyear was natural science.  Jessica started the activities with examining aquatic life.

The boots they caught were not what Jessica had in mind as a subject of study.

But, at first, that seemed to be what everyone was catching.

Not catching fish, wasn't the worst part, some of the kids, especially little Elsa Straight, were having trouble staying on their feet.

Even Jessica seemed to have trouble, much to her embarrassment.

But sticking to it was well worth the effort.

Soon everyone was catching one type of fish or another.

Having the children wear their coats and jackets was a good idea.  It was colder outside than Jessica had thought it would be.

So after a few moments of playing inside, the class headed inside to warm up and have some lunch.

A new high school student, Dana Todd, stopped by after her classes to help out with the little kids.  Jessica was grateful for the extra pair of hands and eyes.  The kids seemed to like her too.

After lunch and a potty break, the class headed back outside to look for insects and birds.

Lance: "Ms. Ebadi!  Ms. Ebadi!  May I be excused?  Please???"

He still wasn't feeling well after recovering from food poisioning, so Jessica excused him to lay down in the new teacher's lounge.

Also during the school year, they learned about planting seeds and watching them grow.
Jessica ended up doing more of the activity herself than she's initially planned.  Keeping five elementary school students focused on the activity at hand was no easy task.

Once the seedlings had started to grow, they planned a field trip to the Central Market Square to start planting the community garden.

The girls got to planting right away . . .

but the boys needed some reminders to get on task.  "Save the cops and robbers for recess, boys."

"Look, Mom, I'm planting," Bryce insisted as he got back to work.


  1. I loved all the activities, what a great update

  2. Thanks! I think the nature activities are fun to do with the school kids. I already did that with the older kids at summer camp, so I thought I'd give the younger kids a chance.