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Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer 2011 - Huffington

Summer 2011 - Heather (34), Lance (7)

Heather was starting to have doubts about choosing a career in the slacker track.  The hours were terrible and the pay even worse.  She hated getting up at the crack of dawn, counting on a nanny to get Lance up for school in the morning, but the measely pay was better than nothing.

The nanny was attentive to Lance, even though he didn't care much for her "old people's" jokes or her chatter about "boring, old people's" hobbies.
Heather didn't appreciate her wasting her food supplies, but cooking a full plate of pancakes that no one was home to eat.  But at least she didn't burn down the kitchen as some nannies have been reported to do.
With the nanny leaving food out to rot, it was no wonder that Lance got food poisoning.

On her afternoons off, before Lance got home from school, Heather enjoyed meeting new people and kept her eye out for sims who were walking by.

James stopped by and they had a long chat about the struggles he's had with his love life.

Having experience with heartbreak in the past, Heather offered the consolation that there's always someone new to meet.

James was grateful for her understanding.  She was a sweet girl.

And a cute one too.  Not even Alon could deny that she was a hottie.

Lance's teacher had sent a note home indicating that he was falling behind on his homework and in danger of failing and repeating the second grade.

Heather sat down with him to help him get caught up.  She hadn't realized how much homework had piled up unfinished.  She was outraged that a child so young should be given so much homework to do.  It was ridiculous.

Even though they worked late into the night, Lance was still falling behind and was getting discouraged.

Heather received a promotion at work that meant worse hours.  She had to work nights.  She hated leaving Lance with a nanny all night, but she had to make money somehow.

After traveling for a few weeks for his job, Neil was back in town.  He knew just how to raise Lance's spirits and cheer him up so he could keep working to get caught up with his school work.

Heather still called up Jimmy when she was feeling lonely for a little male company. (A little more privacy when they tried to get together would be nice.)

Jimmy was her go to guy to take care of her physical needs, but James was quickly becoming her man for intellectual conversation.  She was glad to be forging so many new friendships.

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