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Friday, November 18, 2011

Spring 2012 - McMillian

James (41)

James had been feeling low lately.  Between Jessica's unexpected death and spending his 40th birthday alone, he found himself feeling incredibly lonely.  His day to day life had become so routine.  He got up, went to work, returned home, studied, played chess or painted and then went to bed.  He was glad to recieve an e-mail from his brother Bradford proposing a visit to New Eden.  Bradford's niece Veronika had been invited to show her art work at Fawn's art gallery and he thought it would be a great opportunity for a family visit.

So they made plans for a spring visit, just in time for the spring festival and Veronika's art showing at the very beginning of summer.  James was excited to see Bradford again, and Suzanna, Bradford's lovely wife who was a former resident of Eden herself.  They had in tow not only their neice Veronika, but their own four girls.  He couldn't believe how quickly time had passed.

Laci, their oldest daughter, who had barely started school when he had left Apple Valley was nearly a teenager and a student at the Apple Valley Academy's secondary school.  He couldn't believe how grown up she had become.  And the younger girls, who he'd only met through phone calls, pictures, and internet chats, were getting bigger too. Even the youngest, Lesia, was almost school aged.

The noise and activity five girls brought to the household was something James, who was used to living alone, would have to take time to get used to.

Once they were settled, he took the family out to see the sights around New Eden.  He made sure to point out the school and art gallery that he had designed.  The stopped by the historical lighthouse.

Where the local boys were quick to say hello to the new girls in town, much to Bradford's displeasure.

They walked on to the adjacent beach lot which had just been opened last summer.  It was too cool out to swim,

but they had fun playing in the sand for awhile.

The karaoke equipment was still set up from last summer's beach party.  James and Laci were feeling adventurous enough to try a duet.

They traveled on to the shops where the neighborhood was getting ready for this year's spring festival.

Some sims were already there warming up the barbecue, so they stopped for a picnic lunch.

Laci, Veronika, and the adults joined the other visitors to the park at the picnic tables,

while Lilly and Lora hopped on the swings.

Bradford seemed to enjoy meeting some new sims and sharing the details of their flight from Apple Valley.  By chance he happened to sit next to Suzanna's uncle, Bruce, who had recently relocated to New Eden.  He and Seth First were making plans to start a medical and research center in New Eden.  Bruce hoped that Suzanna could give them some advice based on her experience with the Apple Valley medical center, if she had time before they left for home.

After lunch, they went back to James' house to relax and visit.  The girls were much too excited about the trip to care about resting, so they decided to stay outside and play.

Laci and Veronika were kind enough to keep an eye on the little girls and keep them entertained while the grown-ups went inside to catch up.

"How was the flight?" James asked once the adults found a few quiet moments alone.

"Not bad.  Much better than I expected with five girls along," Bradford replied.  "It didn't take as long as I thought.  The time passed fairly quickly."

"I'm glad.  I really hate to travel."

"Is that why you haven't been back to Apple Valley to visit us?"

"Partially, but I promise I will try to come for a visit soon.  I've just been swamped with work.  Speaking of work, how are things at the law firm?"

"Good," Bradford replied.  "I keep busy."

"I'm sure you do.  I heard you're both on the hood council now.  Congratulations.  I don't know how you do it all.  You both have successful careers, are active in the community, and are raising four daughters.  Wow."

"It is a lot to balance," Suzanna admited.  "But I wouldn't have it any other way."

"So, you think there are going to be any more kids in your future?" James teased.

"Definitely not," Suzanna and Bradford agreed at once. 

"We are most definitely done with babies . . . except for maybe neices or nephews," Suzanna hinted.  Bradford shot her a look.  Before the trip they talked about this and agreed they weren't going to press James on when he might think about settling down and starting a family of his own.  But since James had brought up the topic, Suzanna didn't see the harm of dropping a few hints.

"You might not want to hold your breath on that front, if you're thinking of me."

"How are things with the art student you mentioned?  Are you still seeing her?"

"No, I see her around once in awhile, but she's not for me."

"Anyone else on the horizon?" Suzanna asked.

"I'm not sure.  I thought maybe there was, but . . . It's not that there is a shortage of attractive single women here.  I just haven't really made that special kind of connection yet.  Things just never seem to get more serious than a passing flirtation."

"I'm sure you'll find the right sim one day, James.  Believe me, it can take time, but when it's the right sim, it's worth the wait."

"Oh look, it's getting late.  We'd better round up the girls, it's getting to be the little ones' bedtime."

Before they could make a move to stand the phone rang and James went to answer it.  It sounded like a woman's voice on the other end of the line.  He excused himself and went upstairs to take the call in his office.

"Do you think that was another one of his flirtations?" Bradford asked.  Suzanna shrugged.  Bradford was seriously starting to wonder if James was ever going to find the great love of his life.  It didn't seem fair that he had been fortunate enough to find true love twice in his life time and James had none, but he knew he had to put his protective older brother instincts aside and let James live his life.  All he wanted for him was to be as happy with his life as he and Suzanna were with theirs.

He hoped that he was.

Suzanna and Bradford's visit has been fun.  I've kept them longer than I originally planned to.  I thought of reasons for them stay even into the fall.  They were funny with their conversation.  I left out the pictures where they looked totally annoyed with the conversation as they did most of the time (especially Bradford).  Even at the beach Suzanna and Bradford didn't look like they were getting along very well, but maybe they were just frustrated.  Typical Suzanna and Bradford wanted to jump into bed as soon as they arrived, but I didn't let them.  I had too many other things for them to do.  :P I think James seems content to be a bachelor, maybe it's just me that's desperate for him to get married and have kids (I hoped he'd at least have a girlfriend by the time his family visited).  Even my simself (who was the one calling him on the phone) took it upon herself to try hitting on him.  He wasn't interested.  lol


  1. LOL! The McMillians looked like they had a lot of fun. I'm not surprised that Bradford and Suzanna ran off to the bed, that's how they got thier little girls now. I hope James can find someone, maybe he should try online dating-it worked for Bradford and Suzanna :P If he doesn't find someone in New Eden would you move someone into the hood for him or let him be a bachelor?

  2. I have to admit I'm sort of the same with wanting my Sims to marry and have kids. I'm trying to let go of my control freak nature - but it's hard. ;) I just try to remind myself that it's "The Sims" not "The VT Show" and their plans don't always match with mine.

    It looks like everyone enjoyed their visit to New Eden, even though James isn't used to having lots of girls in the house - that must have taken some getting used to.

    - VT

  3. Luckily, when I let them have their alone time, I did not hear any baby chimes. lol

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with James, I keep pushing ladies his way, but he's just not that interested. He did roll a want to go on a date with someone recently, so I'm going to see where that goes for now.

    I know what you mean, VT. I always want my sims to get married and have kids (especially the kids part) but I have to remind myself that sometimes it's better to have some variety and not all of my sims need to be the same (it's probably better when they're not)

  4. I like seeing when hoods interact. It always makes for a great story. Like Suzanna and Bradford, I hope James finds the great love of hs life. And has a couple of children.

  5. Thanks, it is a lot of fun. I hope James finds love and starts a family too. I thought he would have settled down by now, but that doesn't seem to be his priority right now.