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Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Spring 2012 - Harris

Gregory (27), Robin (27), Melody (5), Savannah (1)

Things were running smoothly and life was good for the Harris family.  While baby Savannah took her morning nap, Gregory, Robin, and Melody enjoyed each other's company over breakfast, even if the omelets were slightly burnt.

Melody and Robin enjoyed dancing together in the living room after breakfast.  Robin couldn't think of a better way to get her pre-pregnancy body back than by having fun with her daughter.

After school and on the weekends, Melody liked to hang out in the gym.  It was fun meeting new sims.

And hanging out in the gym had become even more fun since her mom and dad came up with their new idea for a business venture.

Gregory and Robin were on the same wavelength.  Without even discussing it, they both had the idea that they wanted to purchase something fun for the business, some kind of game.  Their ideas on price varied slightly, but they were both thinking something expensive.  As they discussed it and looked at their options, one item stood out, a bowling alley.

They knew that the equipment would be expensive and that they would have to take out a business loan, but they hadn't anticipated how much space a bowling alley would take up and how high the cost would be to expand the size of their building to accomodate even one lane.

But in the end they decided it would be worth it.  Not only was it fun for the whole family, but

the entire neighborhood could enjoy it as well.  New Eden was in need of a fun spot for families to visit and for friends to meet.  The bowling alley was immediately popular and the Harris's home business ranking sky rocketted.

Maybe it was coincidence, but with the opening of the bowling alley and with the increased number of visitors, there seemed to be an increase in problems between patrons of the business.

And they worried that the draw of the bowling alley and the noise of the rolling balls and crashing pins might take away from the use and the atmosphere of the gym, but the visitors to the gym did not seemed bothered by it and the gym was just as busy as ever.

Problems between customers was not limited to the bowling alley.  There were arguments in the gym as well.

When problems started Robin stepped in to make sure nothing escalated.  She gave a warning that anyone who caused problems with other visitors to the gym would be asked to leave and not to come back.

Yet, the next day, the same sim was back again starting problems with another visitor to the gym

and yet another.

When Robin once again stepped in and asked Alexis to leave, she turned hostile.

But Robin remained firm and refused to be intimidated.  "I am revoking your gym membership.  You are not welcome back here."

Gregory knew that Robin hated to have to take a tough stand with Alexis, but was proud of how she took charge.  She turned to the ballet barre to work off some stress and clear her mind.

Robin tried her hand at the ballet barre too, but found that formal dance was not for her.

She much preferred dancing for fun with her mom to the radio and on her mother's feet when she returned home from work at the office.

After a long day at work, Robin was happy to share a dance with her older daughter and tuck in her younger daughter in for her afternoon nap.

Then spend some quality time with her husband.

She loved what a wonderful father he was and how well he bonded with both of the girls.

She loved the way he sometimes fussed over his appearance in the bathroom mirror.

And she especially loved the way that he always had time to listen to how her day was at the office and about the work that she was doing with the hood council

even before she had a chance to show him just how much she loved him and appreciated all the things that he did for their family.

Another busy day at the office and Robin would come home to a beautiful spring day with Melody and her friend playing catch in the yard.

She would check in at the gym and see what friends of hers were there.

She was delighted to see that her best friend, Tosha was expecting again and so excited that her friend would be experiencing the joy of motherhood for a second time.  Life was good.

After playing this lot I rolled my ROS for the next round and got "Alexis picks a fight with 4 sims."  She had already went ahead and took herself to fulfill that ROS before it was even rolled.  I am fond of Alexis from her days on Arrendale Heights and the idea of her being a glamorous diva.  But she does have an obnoxious personality when left to her own devices.  If it hadn't been for her children I probably wouldn't have moved her to New Eden at all.  I really don't know what's going to become of her if she doesn't shape up and be nicer to her neighbors. 


  1. Wow, I can see Alexis being a diva and all.

  2. She had a rather extreme personality. And when she's not under my direct control, she tends to get out of hand...