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Friday, October 14, 2011

Winter 2011 - McMillian

Winter 2011 - James (40)

James sometimes wondered if he was working too hard.  He would come from from the office, his hand sore from working at the drafting table.  He was glad though, to have so many exciting projects to work on for the hood.

When he came home he would brush up on his hobbies and skills, working on his creativity by painting (if his hand wasn't tired from drafting) or practicing on the chess table.

When she started to get lonely, he'd hop online and find a sim to chat with.  He looked foward to news from his family back in Apple Valley.  His niece Laci asked if he had ever adopted the stray cat he'd mentioned, but he hadn't.  He hadn't seen Ferdinand in a long time. 

He looked forward to working on the expansion of the elementary school to accommodate the junior and senior high school students, not only for the work, because then he got to see Jessica.  He enjoyed talking to her,

and the little flirtation they had going on.  He wondered why he didn't think about her more when he was at home, why he didn't call her up and invite her over more often.  Of course, now it was too late.

He was shocked and saddened to hear of her unexpected death and regreted that he hadn't taken the initiative to get to know her better when he still had the chance.

He felt especially bad for the children, losing the only parent they'd ever known.  He had a chat with Joy London who was at the cemetary with the children and who was the current caretaker of Jessica's house.  She had temporary custody of the children, until their father could be located.  She hinted that she had a good idea of who their father might be.

He could see she was good with the children, especially Bridget.  He was glad that they had someone they were comfortable with to be there for them during this difficult time.  It just didn't seem fair that they had to go through this.  He wished there was someway to go back and change what had happened.

He'd  heard the rumors just like everyone else in the hood that Genesis Sartor had found a magic lamp and used it to bring Chase Platz back from the dead.  Any sensible sim would doubt that's what really happened, but it's what he'd heard.  He called Genesis and asked her about it.  She insisted that the story was true.

"Is there anyway you could use the lamp to bring Jessica back?"  James asked.  Genesis seemed annoyed by the suggestion.  "She has two small children that don't deserve to lose their mother so young."
"I guess I could," Genesis said reluctantly.  "I did have one wish left, but I don't have the lamp anymore."

"What happened to it?"
"I lost it when I was moving to the new dorms.  I thought I'd placed it in my inventory, but I must have left it behind.  I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.  Really."

James thanked Genesis and said goodbye and his life fell back into it's regular pattern of work, study, sleep.


  1. Aww, I was hoping that she had the lamp too :\

  2. Same here. I'm still really sad about what happened to Jessica, especially since she did have two young children. ROS can be evil sometimes.

    - VT

  3. I thought for sure I placed it in her inventory before she moved dorms, but I didn't. It must be in the dorm where Chase Platz lives and I'm sure if he found it he would have used the last wish on himself. I was really tempted to use the lamp to bring her back, but I didn't want to cheat too much with my ROS. :/ Things will be more interesting without ressurecting her, I think.