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Friday, October 21, 2011

Winter 2011 - Harris

Winter 2011 - Gregory (26), Robin (26), Melody (4)

Just like with her first pregnancy, Robin was craving fresh fish.  Even though it was freezing outside, she dusted off the fishing pole and tried to catch something for lunch.  If the baby wanted fish, that's what he or she was going to have.

She made sure she took good care of herself, getting a little fun and exercise by dancing to the radio while Melody played nearby.

And added some quality time with her hubby when he came back from rehearsals and joined her.

When it was time to have the baby, her labor went quickly and the family welcomed a second little girl to the family, Savannah.

Gregory was delighted to have another beautiful, precious girl in his life.

The proud parents couldn't be happier.

Soon after Savannah was born, Robin had to return to the office.  Her time off during her pregnancy left her behind at the law office and at her duties as hood president.  Gregory picked up the slack at home.

And enjoyed spending quality time with the girls during the day.

Luckily the business seemed to run itself.  It was doing well and seemed to be constantly busy with sims dropping in and out during the day.

Tosha dropped by occasionally to use the gym, eager to get her body back to its pre-pregnancy shape.  When Robin wasn't at work, or busy with the girls, she would take a few minutes to greet her friend and chat about the girls.

She was excited that they both had daughters almost exactly the same age.  It was going to be fun to watch them grow up together and interesting to see if they would become good friends as they got older.


  1. Yay, another girl, such a wonderful name as well.

  2. Thanks. :D Robin's family has a nature/places/habitats theme going on in her family.