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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fall 2010 - McMillian

James McMillian (35)

James McMillian lived a simple, bachelor's life.  When the weather was nice outside, he played chess outside to keep his logic skills sharp, even though he found playing alone frustrating.
Most evenings he would wind down from a busy day at work by watching a movie alone.
Then in the morning he'd make a quick breakfast before heading to work.
Davis, Genesis' friend from college, occasionally called to chat.  He did enjoy his conversations with the young man.
He did see Genesis from time to time, but it seemed like the relationship was growing cold.
Genesis didn't get it.  She and James seemed to get along well.  He never rejected her advances when she flirted with him or kissed him, but she noticed he was never the one to make the first move.  She was beginning to wonder if he wasn't that in to her, if he didn't find her attractive.
One day she discussed the dilemma with a male friend of hers.  "Why wouldn't a guy make a move on a girl when she was giving him all the right signals?"

"Is he gay?" he asked.

"No . . . at least I don't think so."  Genesis was starting to have doubts.

"Let me meet him.  I can tell you for certain whether he's gay or not."
The next time James invited her over, Genesis asked if she could bring a friend with her.  James had no problem with it.  He wasn't surprised at the question.  She brought friends to his house with her more often than not.
Within seconds of meeting James for the first time, Genesis got her answer.

"Sweetheart, trust me.  There is no way this guy is gay.  Ugh, just look at that shirt he's wearing."
Genesis wasn't sure if she should feel hurt or relieved.  She was relieved that he didn't like men, but worried all over again that he just didn't like her.  She was sick of playing these games and if she didn't get a sign soon that James was really interested in her, she was going to be through.
There was one more thing, Genesis knew to try.  If this didn't work, nothing would.

Last year, she had made a startling discovery, someone had left an antique lamp on the dorm steps for her, with a genie inside!  At the time she had been too bewildered to make a wish, too taken aback to know what to wish for, but now she knew.
"I want you to make me attractive to the opposite sex.  Make me irresistible."

"Your wish is my command."
The next day, Genesis noticed an immediate change.  Men everywhere were looking at her differently.  They were flocking at her feet where ever she went.  As soon as her classes were over for the day, she hurried to the phone and called James over.
And still, the best he would offer her was a friendly hug.  She was crushed and defeated.

"I can't do this anymore.  I don't think this is working out.  I'm sorry.  Goodbye, James."

As they exchanged a goodbye hug and promised they would remain friends, James felt it was for the best.  Genesis was everything a guy could want, beautiful, funny, smart, and young.  Maybe it was the last thing that was the problem.  In the back of the mind he couldn't get past the age difference.  She was so young.  He couldn't help thinking of his brother Bradford, the protective father of four daughters, and couldn't help thinking about what Genesis's father would feel about her dating someone not quite, but nearly twice her age.  He hoped she would find someone else, someone who would truly be able to love and appreciate her.  A part of him was sorry that he couldn't be that guy.
No time for a broken-heart, James turned his attention to his work, finishing the construction of the new school building.  He stopped by nearly every day to oversee the work and to chat with the teacher.
He even told her about his problems with Genesis.  "Can you believe she tried to use a magic lamp to make me find her more attractive.  Isn't that ridiculous?"

"That's strange, for sure," Jessica agreed, but secretly she could see why a young woman would go to such lengths to win over the handsome architect.
When facing another evening of brushing up his logic skills by playing chess alone did not seem appealling to James, he decided to take a chance and invite Jessica over for a game.  Chess was not a game he was skilled at, but he hoped having the right teacher would help him improve.
When it became too dark outside to see, he invited her inside to watch a movie with him.  Since she'd already arranged for a babysitter for a few more hours, Jessica agreed.

"Oh, I can't look!  You didn't tellme this would be a scary movie."  Jessica covered her hands over her eyes.
"It's just a family making snow angels.  You don't have to be scared," James said, putting an arm over her shoulders to comfort her.

"Oh, but it's just one of those moments that happen in movies when it seems like everything is so peaceful and happy, but it's just building up the suspense before something terrible happens."

"Nothing terrible will happen, I promise.  Open your eyes.  It's okay."
When Jessica opened her eyes, she suddenly realized how close she and James were sitting on the couch, his hand wrapped around her shoulder and her hand holding his tight.  She looked over at him and smiled.
This was nice.


  1. Jessica and James, I wouldn't have thought of it, but it makes so much more sense. I do hope Genesis finds the right guy for her.

  2. Time will tell if he shows more interest in her than in Genesis. I hope she finds the right guy too. She's too cute not to keep around.