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Friday, February 11, 2011

Summer 2010 - D'Sim

Shawn (45), Jane (30), Imogene (2), Shane (2)

Life in the D'Sim household had changed dramatically since the birth of the twins, but Shawn and Jane were beginning to get used to the new routine. At times it seemed like there was a lot to juggle at once.  Things didn't get done as quickly or easily as they used to, but somehow they managed to take one task at a time.
With two babies demanding their attention, Shawn and Jane had to take turns, taking care of their own needs and the babies needs.  It was a challenge to even sit down to a meal together.
At other times it took both of them working together to make sure both babies needs were taken care of.
At the end of the day they were left exhausted.  Too exhausted for intimacies or enjoying each other's company.  Usually one, or both, of them would immediately pass out as soon as their head hit the pillow.  Of course there were also many nights when they slept in shifts, taking turns being up with the babies. Sleeping together in the same bed was sometimes the best alone time they could manage.
Of course, there were good times too.  Even when stinky and exhausted, Jane's heart would melt when she would look into the faces of her precious babies.
And Shawn enjoyed the fun times, doting on his children, playing with them, making them giggle.
As the days progressed, things did get better and they were able to coordinate their schedules and the babies' schedules, so that they could sit down to breakfast together and actually enjoy an adult conversation.
And even a little bit of romance, just a little bit, before the cries of a screaming baby forced them to drag themselves away from each other.

Somehow Shawn even managed to make time for other passion, stargazing.  On the nights when he wasn't utterly exhausted and the babies weren't demanding his attention, he would take a few moments to look through the telescope and continue his research on the stars and planets.  He was always working on theories, and his biggest dream was to discover life on another planet some day.  He knew it was unlikely, but he still dreamed.

Before long, the blur of infant days were over and the twins were celebrating their first birthday.

As Jane helped Shane blow out the candles on his birthday cake, Shawn picked up his baby girl for her turn to make the transition into toddlerhood.
He gazed at her lovingly as the realization suddenly hit him that he would be looking at his daughter as a baby for the last time.  For a moment his heart longed for more time at the baby stage.  How did time go by so fast?
But he took her to blow out the candles and was proud to see his little girl become a bright and beautiful toddler before his eyes.  He couldn't be more proud.
The infant days behind them and toddlerhood ahead, the D'Sims realized they were again entering a new phase with new routines and new challenges, but they couldn't wait for the new experiences to come.


  1. I'm glad they're handling the twins really well, that's a lot for a couple.

  2. They definitely keep busy and life has definitely revolved around the babies, but I think they've been balancing it all pretty well.