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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fall 2010 - Cormier (part 1)

Rich (27), Tosha (27), Violet (16)

"Did you enjoy going to college, Richie?" Violet asked her brother over lunch one day.  "Was it a lot of fun?"

"Yes, definitely," Rich replied.  "I have a lot of good memories from my college days."

When he chuckled to himself, Violet asked, "What?"

"Don't tell Tosha this, but before she and I started dating, I had the biggest crush on the school mascot."
"Are you serious?"

"It didn't last long, once I realized how much it must stink inside of that llama suit."
Violet nearly choked on her hamburger.  "Oh, gross!"

"Seriously though, college was a good time.  I got to meet a lot of sims and I learned a lot too."

"Do you think it's too late for me to go to college?  I know I haven't been good at school, but what if I worked really hard from now on and studied a bunch, do you think I'd still have a chance to get into a college?  I really do want to go."

"I don't know, Vi.  It's still possible, I think, but you will have to work really hard to get your grades up if any college is going to consider you at all.  You've been doing better, but you still have a long way to go."
Violet did work hard, but no matter how much homework she did or how much she studied, she just couldn't get her grades up.  They were improving, yes, but her overall GPA was still terrible.  There was no way she was going to get in to college, she knew it was too late and nothing she did made things better.
Meanwile, Rich and Tosha were dealing with struggles of their own.  Since they got married they were ready to start a family and even though it seemed like they tried and tried, they just weren't getting pregnant.  Rich was sure it was just a matter of time, but Tosha was beginning to worry.  She made a call to her doctor and scheduled a check up.  The doctor agreed to make an appointment to run a few tests to make sure there were no physical problems, but advised her in the meantime to try to relax and to give it some time.  He assured her that even though it may seem like some sims can get pregnant at the drop of a hat, sometimes it takes more than a few tries to make a baby.

On doctor's orders, Tosha and Rich enjoyed a moonlight dip in the hottub and kept on trying.
"Gah!" Tosha shouted in disgust as black smoke wafted up from the frying pan.  "How did I manage to burn breakfast when I was standing here the entire time?"

"I don't know.  How did you?" Violet replied as she helped with the dishes.

"I must have been daydreaming.  What's wrong with me?"
That evening Tosha got a call from the doctor.  Her heart was in her throat when he announced that the test results were in. As he gave her the results, she was struck momentarily speechless.  Then she turned to Violet, who happened to me nearby at the time and said.  "I'm pregnant."
She couldn't wait for Rich to come home from his meeting to share and celebrate the good news together.
She was delighted to hear from the doctor that she was pregnant, but she was still skeptical.  Not until the beginning of her second trimester, when she started to show, did the pregnancy seem real to Tosha.  Then she was truly overjoyed.

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