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Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring 2010 - First

Seth First (38), Ivy First (35), Kendra First (8)

Ivy was up bright and early.  As usual she was on a slightly different schedule than the rest of the family.  She had been trying to get back in sync with Seth and Kendra, but pregnancy was playing havoc on her internal clock.  Taking good care of herself and her baby meant eating when she was hungry and sleeping when she was tired and that didn't always match up with when Kendra and Seth needed to eat or sleep. 
 So she was up well before dawn having pancakes along and hoping the leftovers would still be fresh when her husband and daughter were ready for breakfast.
Kendra, at least, was up in time to have warm pancakes.  Ivy was appalled by her daughter's table manners.  She made a promise to herself to take some time to teach her daughter better eating habits before she had a chance to eat like that in public.
By the time Seth arose to get ready for work, Ivy was already wearing down and had to lay down for a nap.  But she was patiently waiting to greet him as soon as he got home from work, eager to hear about his day, and just happy to spend time with him.
Seth had hoped to be at home when the big moment came, but unfortunately he was at work when Ivy went into labor and he could not get away.  With the help of a midwife, Ivy gave birth at home
to twins, one boy and one girl, Jared and Leah.
As soon as he was able to get away from work, Seth rushed home and to the nursery to see the newest additions to the family, only to find the cribs empty and Ivy resting peacefully in bed.
Hearing a noise downstairs, he followed the noise to the kitchen, where not one, but two nannies were taking care of the newborns.
He thanked them and quickly dismissed them from their services.  He was eager to take on the task of childcare and knew that he and Ivy could handle this on their own.

After all, there were two of them and two babies.  So while Ivy bathed one infant in the sink,
Seth was upstairs changing the other's diaper.
Somehow they even managed to grab a quick dinner together while the twins were napping and Kendra was upstairs looking through the telescope.
After dinner, they took advantage of a few quiet moments to play with the cat

and pursue their own hobbies before the babies were up and demanding their attention.

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