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Friday, January 7, 2011

Hood Calendar 2010

Year 2010 corresponds to simday 110 and should begin on simSunday and end sometime early simWednesday.

Household Rotations are as follows:

Spring 2001
-Elementary School

Summer 2001

Fall 2001
-Fall Festival
-Fall Semester - University

Winter 2001
 - Jr/Sr High, Subject: Home Economics
-2010-2011 Hood Meeting

ROS Events:
- Take a vacation
- Have a secret admirer
- Propose (if not in love with anyone, chose sim with highest relationship or chemistry) [this may be delayed to 2011, since this household this sim lives in is actually ahead of schedule]
- Become addicted to . . . exercise

Thrown out ROS:
Elsa Straight has a secret admirer (Lance Huffington) - it didn't make sense with Elsa being a toddler. I shouldn't have put toddlers in just yet, but it would have been cute, right?

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