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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fall 2010 - University

Joy London and Felicity London - sophomores, Davis Vanderburg and Genesis Sartor - freshmen
As the new school year started, the students at New Eden University attempted to go on with their daily lives and studies as normally as possible, but the past semesters events, Chase Platz's disappearance and unexpected death still lingered over the campus.

Many students were starting to wonder if the campus housing was cursed as a second accident struck the dorm dwellers.

Davis Vanderburg suffered an electric shock as he practiced his mechanical skills on the cafeteria microwave.  Luckily the shock was only mild.  After a hot meal, a shower, and a rest he was as good as new.

Davis was fitting in with his dorm mates very well.  He and Felicity often had study sessions together.

And he enjoyed having chats and exchanging jokes with Joy.
He felt a strong attraction to Felicity and she seemed to feel the same way.

As his romance with Felicity blossomed, his friendship with Joy grew stronger.  Fortunately Joy and Davis were not attracted to each other in the slightest and agreed that anything but a plantonic relationship between them would be weird.  Joy thought nothing of being so close to her sister's boyfriend, but after Joy fell asleep in his bed one night, he thought it would be better to draw some boundaries with their friendship.

Not wanting to come between Davis and Felicity's relationship or to stumble into a repeat of the past, Joy began looking outside of the close-knit social circle of the dorms for a romantic relationship.  There was one guy in particular that seemed promising, a fellow classmate, named Alon.  They had exchanged a few playful flirts.

which advanced to kisses in the cafeteria.  But the relationship was still knew and Joy was interested in seeing where it would go.

Joy was also starting to think about the future.  Truthfully, she wasn't very interested in school.  She came to college mostly to follow her sister, just like Felicity followed her along to a modeling competition after their high school graduation.  The University was contemplating the idea of allowing a lesser degree upon completion of sophomore year.  She had completed that much, so it wasn't like completely dropping out and her ambitions didn't require an advanced degree.

The twins did everything together, but Joy was starting to wonder if they could use a little space from each other.  Besides her goal was to become a famous actress.  Spending time going to class probably wouldn't be as beneficial to her goal as spending her time going to auditions.

She had a talk about her thoughts with Felicity.

Felicity was entirely supportive of her sister

and they promised to keep in touch daily, if not more often and to stay close, but it was time to start living their own lives.

Meanwhile Genesis' increased attractiveness had not gone unnoticed around campus.  It was the talk of the college and rumors were spreading about her find in the magic lamp.

"I can't believe you wasted a wish on attractiveness.  You were already an attractive girl and there are so much better uses for a rare gift like that," a friend remarked to her.

"Like what?"

"I heard it can bring back the dead and there was that guy in the dorm that died last semester . . . you could give him another chance at life."

Genesis thought it over.  He was right.  Maybe she should use the lamp to help someone else.  It hadn't done her any good so far.  "Alright, let's do it."

The mystery of Chase's death is solved!  He got off on the wrong side of the bike and got trapped under the stairs.  Joy's new man, Alon, almost suffered the same fate.  Luckily I caught him there and let him out in time.


  1. Glad the death mystery was solved and the twins are spilting up, wow. Sometimes that needs to happen.

  2. I'm just glad I noticed him there in time, unlike poor Chase.

    I don't know how long they'll be split up for. We'll have to see what Felicity's plans are once she graduates. I just noticed that Joy has no interest in school and I already knew she wanted to be an actress. I thought it would be best to give them a little distance before the sisters got too close to each other's boyfriends, again.