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Recently branched off from the older community of Eden, many younger residents have chosen to move away from their ancestoral land to a different location, called New Eden. Although most residents still hold closely to their family ties and history they are eager to start a new life in a place they can make their own.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Community Event: Aerial Bionic Concert

Last week, the residents of New Eden were treated to a very special concert at the newly built "Eclipse" nightclub. The show started at 8:00 and the band played until 11 pm.R.J. Cormier and his girlfriend, Tosha Go, took a moment to model the band's new concert T-shirts while waiting outside for the doors to open.The club was packed as nearly all of the town showed up to watch the concert. After talking to some residents at the concert the great turnout was attributed partially to the fact that drummer, Gareth Thayer, is an Eden native and his friends and neighbors wanted to support him and partially to the concert being promoted as an event to celebrate the founding of this new neighborhood. Either way, the turn out was even better than expected.
The band rocked the stage and kept the crowd dancing until they had to call it a night. Of course some sims are more into dancing than others. Some came just to hear the music and socialize with their neighbors. Gregory Harris and Winston Crabtree get into a debate about entertainment and art.
Gregory: I don't understand why you waste your time working on soap operas and stuff like that, Winston. Have you ever thought about doing real literature, you know, like actual books?
Gregory: I mean, wouldn't it be great if we had more art and culture on the screen and in our hood events?
Winson: Well, Gregory, just because something isn't typically what you'd think of as hanging in an art gallery or great literature, doesn't mean it isn't art or a form of creative expression.
Winston: Just listen to those guys on stage. They aren't playing with a symphony orchestra, but they're still creating an amazing sound. Not only are they entertaining lots of sims, but they also put a lot of work and creative energy into what they do.
Gregory: Yeah, I can see what you mean.
Sims gather around the bar to enjoy refreshments and conversation.
Shawn: Hey, is that sim not wearing any shoes?!?
Heather Huffington may have had a little too much at the bar, as she starts to give the local teens some questionable advice.
Heather: You kids, should not even worry about school too much. If I could go back I would not have sweated school so much. Maybe I wouldn't have even bothered going to college. What did it do for me anyway?
Heather: Forget school, the thing to do is marry rich!
Gregory seems to be getting a bad habit of putting his foot in his mouth.
Gregory: You're getting tired already, honey? Just be glad that the concert is now at the begining of your pregnancy instead of when you're in your third trimester and feeling as big as a sumo wrestler.
Romance brews between a pair of local teens.
The band finally has to call it a night. They thank the crowd for supporting them and take a few minutes to relax and mingle.
Trevor and the bartender, Caryl, seem to notice each other.
He strikes up a conversation with her.
Caryl: Oh my gosh, I am a huge fan of your music. It's crazy how much I love your songs!

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