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Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter 2012 - D'Sim

Shawn (47), Jane (32), Shane and Imogene (4)

Jane was very happy with her family and her life, especially now that the twins were growing out of the toddler stage and would be starting school soon.

She had a big celebration planned for them with some of her dearest friends in attendance

and also her mother-in-law (mostly at Shawn's invitation).

Jane was mortified when Em made a pass at one of her married friends.  His wife seemed pretty put off by that move as well.  Luckily Sophie wasn't angry, just confused and annoyed.  It helped that Christopher politely turned down her advances by explaining that he was happily married.

Jane insisted that Shawn have a talk with his mother and suggest that it might be time for her to go home.  He tried to broach the subject, but Em seemed settled on staying near by for awhile.

Of course, she wasn't going to live with them.  She would stay at her own place and give them their space and privacy when they needed it.  After all she was a busy sim herself, she had her own work to do.  But she knew they could still use help with the twins, someone to babysit when they had to work weekends or after school hours.

And she was more than happy to help out and build a good relationship with her grandchildren.

Jane was kind of glad to have another adult around so she could get some work down from home while Shawn was at work.  She missed her days as a gossip reporter for STAR magazine and wanted to get back into entertainment reporting.  She'd recently becomed very intrigued by Mr. Winston Crabtree and wanted to see what dirt she could come up with about him and his clients.  She had grilled Em about it, but she knew very little.  He'd seemed to have moved his focus to the music industry while she had turned more to writing than producing.

When Winston didn't respond to her many e-mails, she tried calling him on the phone.  First his office number, then his home number.

That didn't go over well.

She decided to take a break and focus on her family for awhile, especially since the holidays were coming up.  Shane must have known Santa was coming, because he was being extra good and cleaning up after himself without being asked.

Jane was eager for the gift giving season, so she could shower her loved ones with special presents

and special moments together.
ROS: Jane D'Sim becomes obsessed with/ stalks Winston Crabtree. (I didn't do a whole lot with this one, since Jane is so busy with her family and everytime she and Winston seemed to interact, it didn't go well.  I think his role as an agent and hers as a former gossip magazine reporter worked well for this interaction.  Since she's happily married, I knew it wouldn't be a romantic interest.)


  1. ahh, that explains it, she wants celebrity gossip. I miss STAR magazine :(

  2. Oh I'm glad that shes happily married and wasn't interested in romance with Winston. The gossip magazine sounds like a fun career. I think its great that her mother wants to be involved euthanasia the twins.