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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Winter 2001 - Havers-Rossi

Winter 2001 - Simdays 107-109
Alexis Havers (42), Geneva Rossi (14 1/2), Owen Rossi (14 1/2)

Owen and Charlotte were known as an item by the end of the school year, but when they first met, they didn't hit it off immediately.   He tried to impress her with his knowledge of geography, but school talk just bored her.

When that didn't work, he tried teasing her to get her attention  . . . but oddly enough that didn't impress her either.

Owen: "I'm actually pretty popular.  I have a BFF."

That line of conversation caught her interest.

Charlotte: "Really?  That's cool."

Owen: "Yeah, it's my mom.  She's pretty cool for a mom."

Surprisingly, Charlotte thought that was pretty cool too.

Charlotte: "I wish my mom and I were closer.  I wouldn't count her as my friend.  Just my mom."

The more Owen talked, even as he talked on and on about herself, the more Charlotte found herself liking him.  She found herself staring at his lips wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

Before long they had gotten over their inital awkwardness and were becoming close friends.

A friendship, that as time went on, grew into young romance.

Not to be out done, Geneva soon had her first kiss as well, with a much older boy.

Geneva seemed to have a thing for older men.  The boys her own age were so immature.  Older men were intriguing.  She had no qualms about flirting with even her own mother's boyfriends and co-workers.

Alexis: "You know, Owen.  I think I need to take you shopping for new clothes and to get a new haircut.  I think you need a new look.  It would probably help you fit in better at school."

Owen: "I fit in just fine.  I have lots of friends."

Alexis: "Let's just go to the mall and look around tomorrow before I go to rehearsals."

The next day, Alexis and both of her children headed to the local shopping center to shop for new clothes.

While Owen browsed the racks, Alexis enjoyed running into a friend and former co-star.

While Geneva met up with a few of the girls from school . . .

and started a game of kicky bag with them outside.

Owen found a couple of outfits he liked and that his mother approved of and headed over to the barbershop.

After a getting a haircut and new pair of glasses, Owen hardly recognized himself in the mirror.  It was different, but he liked the way he looked.

Not wanting to be left out, especially when it came to new clothes, Geneva talked her mom into buying her a few new outfits as well.  Alexis and her kids were pleased with the results of the shopping trip.  Alexis couldn't believe she'd let her kids dress so sloppy for so long.  Now that she was home more and traveling less, she had time to pay closer attention to them at the time they probably need it most.

Geneva: "Hello."

Genesis: "Geneva?  This is Genesis Sartor from New Eden University.  How are you doing today?"

Geneva: "Fine."

Genesis: "I'm calling on behalf of the university.  I've heard how actively involved you've been with sports at your high school.  You should really keep it up if you want a scholarship at NEU.  We could really use some good female athletes on our teams."

Geneva: "I'm definitely interested.  I'll be sure to keep it in mind."

Geneva was actually more interested in learning a different type of sport, hustling pool.  She convinced her mom to buy a pool table for the basment and convert it into a rec room and invited Sofia over to try it out.

When she went upstairs to get some snacks for her friend.  She overheard a snippet of her mom's conversation on the phone and just rolled her eyes before heading back down to the basement.

A few minutes later, Alexis was headed upstairs to entertain a guest of her own.

*ROS - Owen Rossi gets a makeover.

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